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Embracing Health and Self: My Holistic Journey to Balanced Blood Sugars

In our bustling world, with endless to-dos and responsibilities, it's all too easy to sideline what truly matters — our health. As someone who's been navigating the waters of Diabetes for over 28 years, I've come to realize that putting our health on the back burner isn't an option; it's our lifeline.

My Dance with Diabetes

Every day with Diabetes is a new dance. It's a rhythm of mindfulness, informed choices, and unwavering commitment to self-care. Over these years, I've not just learned the steps but also the grace and balance it takes to lead a fulfilling life. Here's why I'm so passionate about making health and self-care non-negotiable:

The True Wealth - Health

The age-old saying "health is wealth" rings truer than ever. Especially when living with Diabetes, our health becomes the very foundation of our dreams, passions, and those cherished moments with family and friends.

Becoming Your Best Self

Diabetes has been my teacher, showing me that when I prioritize my well-being, I truly shine. With clarity, resilience, and a heart full of gratitude, I've learned to handle life's twists and turns, always emerging stronger.

Inspiring Through Action

Our actions weave stories, stories that inspire. By cherishing our health, we light the way for our loved ones, encouraging them to embrace a culture of wellness.

Empowerment Through Learning

Knowledge has been my compass. The more I've delved into understanding Diabetes, the more empowered I've felt, making decisions that resonate with my body and soul.

Nature's Way to Blood Sugar Balance

My journey has unveiled the magic of natural blood sugar management. With a harmonious blend of a balanced diet, joyful movement, and mindfulness practices, I've found stability in my blood sugars, reducing my reliance on medications.

Elevating Life's Quality

At the heart of it all, prioritizing health and self elevates our life's quality. It's about savoring every moment, pursuing our dreams, and basking in the joy of well-being, without the looming shadow of health concerns.

Your First Steps to Prioritizing Health

If you're wondering where to begin, here are some simple steps to set you on the path:

  • Mindfulness: Embrace moments of stillness, letting mindfulness and meditation anchor you.
  • Seek Support: Lean on healthcare professionals, support groups, and Diabetes coaches. Remember, you're not alone.
  • Monitor Regularly: Keep a diary of your blood sugar levels. It's a practice I emphasize in all my coaching sessions — it's that pivotal.
  • Stay Informed: Knowledge truly is power. And speaking of which, I'm hosting a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, October 11th, titled “Confusion to Clarity: The 3 PROVEN Steps to Kickstart Your New NATURAL Diabetes Journey”. I'd love for you to join. Secure your seat today!

Remember, your health is a treasure. Cherish it, nurture it, and watch the magic unfold.



Cheryl Ivaniski, D. Ac., C.H., RDH is a beacon of hope for countless high-achieving individuals across the globe. With her unique and effective Holistic Approach to Diabetes Wellness, she seamlessly merges traditional wisdom with contemporary practices, mindset transformations, and the finest holistic self-care techniques. Her signature 4-Step process, the "Diabetes Success System," is revolutionizing how people confidently embrace life, enjoying peace of mind and consistently stable blood sugars.

With an unwavering commitment, Dr. Cheryl's mission is to empower millions worldwide, guiding them towards unparalleled health and well-being through her transformative education and methods.



"You've been phenomenally successful with this work. Thank you for being committed to helping people be well, happy and healthy." JACK CANFIELD, AMERICA'S LEADING AUTHORITY ON SUCCESS AND PERSONAL FULFILLMENT TRAINING  


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The material and content contained in this platform is for overall general diabetes health and education information only. It is not intended to constitute medical advice or to be a substitution for professional medical recommendations, diagnosis or treatment. All specific medical questions or changes you make to your medication and/or lifestyle should be discussed and addressed with your primary healthcare provider. Having the right mindset, doing the right movements at the right times of day, and eating foods that help keep blood sugar, insulin, and inflammation manageable can dramatically reduce your risk of the all-too-common complications of Diabetes, increase your energy levels and have you feeling your best every day.

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