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About Cheryl Ivaniski, CEO
(and Woman Living with Diabetes Vibrantly Well for over 24 years!)

Holistic Diabetes Wellness Strategist, Dr. Holistic Medicine, 5 X International Bestselling Author, CEO, Holistic Diabetes Solutions & The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education

Having watched my grandma struggle for over 40 years with high, very high and sometimes low blood sugar levels, I observed first-hand how Diabetes robbed the quality of life from her, little by little each day, each year.  She experienced gradual loss of vision, loss of mobility, loss of independence and eventually the shutting down of her kidneys and heart, until one day Diabetes took her life.

Having a history of Diabetes in my family, it wasn't long before I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimotos Thyroditis over 24 years ago suddenly, at the prime of my life.

Doctors and specialists said I should expect the scary complications of Diabetes within the first 5 -1 0 years and to prepare for a grim future as my grandma was told. Essentially, not much had evolved in Diabetes health and wellness since her diagnosis.  That's when...

Jack Canfield

America's Leading Authority on Success and Personal Fulfillment Training

"You've been phenomenally successful with this work. Thank you for being committed to helping people being well, happy and healthy."

Raymond Aaron

Nation's Number #1 Success and Investment Coach

"Cheryl is a powerful healer. She can dramatically change your life!"

Marcia Martin

Globally Renowned Executive Coach and Transformational Trainer

“Cheryl Ivaniski is a magician in the domain of health and wellbeing. I have seen her coach people and transform their lives from being desperate about their failing health to being active, vital and clearly in charge of their own wellness. I have seen her inspire whole audiences to being willing to take charge of their physical ailments and turn their situations around. Cheryl has mastered a holistic way of living, having triumphed over her own serious health challenges. She unselfishly shares her wisdom with others so that they can have the same successes, and she does it with flair, fun, and entertaining insight.”  

Which Option Best Describes Your Current Diabetes Situation?

I Need Guidance To Become My Own Best Self-Care Master Of My Diabetes Wellness

Have you been scouring the internet for solutions to achieve normal blood sugar levels, increase your energy, get a good night's sleep, easy movements, basically, everything needed to ensure that the all-too-common complications of Diabetes does not affect your life?  Learn how being a member in our monthly mentoring program, Inner Circle, can help you achieve your wellness goals!

I'm a Health Professional Who Wants To Serve The Global Diabetes Community

Do you have a practice or want to start one that will positively impact the health and wellness of the NEARLY HALF BILLION people worldwide with a holistic approach?  Diabetes wellness involves everything mind/body/soul - things like mindset, nutrition, exercise, body work, energy work, aromatherapy and more!  Boost your business or start one on the right foot by becoming a Holistic Diabetes Practitioner!

I'm Worried About My Health Or The Health Of Someone I Love And Have Questions

I help people just like you everyday who are worried and afraid about their Diabetes hijacking their life - health,  joy, mindset,  body, independence, and finances.  Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can lead to unwelcome complications quickly so let's talk ASAP and discover what your next best steps are!  Having Diabetes for over 24 years and living complication-free means I can help you!  Click below to select a date/time.

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