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Who Said You Can't Enjoy Flavorful Food With Diabetes?

I practically live in my Diabetes-friendly kitchen.  It’s a major source of joy and creativity for me, my family, my clients and students as I train them  live from my kitchen in many of my programs.  Get some of my favorites in this special done-for-you recipe book that was designed to be decadent while balancing your blood sugars, too!

The Diabetes Success System: The 4-Step Proprietary Process To Start Living Your Diabetes-Free Lifestyle

Why I Created This System For You

Diabetes takes on a life inside you and becomes an unwelcome destructive force that seemingly lives quietly behind the scenes.  But what’s actually happening when your blood sugars are elevated, is that it bursts or crystalizes your arteries, veins, capillaries and cells, leaving you injured.  And when left attended, over time, you can fall victim to its complications as millions of people year after year with Diabetes do.  You can avoid being a statistic when you are proactive with your health rather than reactive.  The Diabetes Success System shows you how.

While there are dozens of complications, the most common ones are caused by having blood sugars that are higher than normal over time such as failing vision/loss of eyesight, neuropathy (tingling and burning pain) in your limbs (which is responsible for over a million amputations in the US each year), kidney and renal failure, heart disease, stroke, failing brain health, dementia (which has become so rampant that it’s been termed Type 3 Diabetes).  High sugars also steals an average of 5-15 years of your life when you have Diabetes.

Most people with Diabetes believe that as long as you’re eating foods that won’t spike blood sugars, then everything will be fine.  While preparing Diabetes-friendly meals is more than 60% of the solution, when the other 3 pillars of health are ignored, you reduce the affects of healthy food choices drastically.  That’s because what you eat doesn’t always ease your blood sugars when you haven’t had good quality sleep night after night, when insulin isn’t distributing well through your muscles, when life’s stresses aren’t being managed thus causing prolonged internal inflammation, etc.  These all play a role in your blood sugar levels as much as food does.  We’ve got you completely covered in the Diabetes Success System which I designed from my years of experience and wisdom as a Doctor of Holistic Medicine, participating in countless research studies, testing my own sugars thousands of times in my life as I learned the best foods, movements, mindset work, and more for my Diabetes.  I’ve been living a complication-free, worry-free, Diabetes-free lifestyle for nearly 30 years.  Now it’s your turn!

Like any path you take in life, it’s your unique journey.  You can choose to stay on the path that you’re on – perhaps hoping for the best in between your doctor’s appointments – or you can choose to take a stand like I did nearly 30 years ago.  The point is to make a move, to take action toward your goals rather than let each day pass by without doing much or anything at all.

In the Diabetes Success System, you have the luxury to choose your unique journey.  Whether that means you want to immerse yourself in the entire experience of all 4 pillars or you want to choose, a la carte, just the trainings you want for where you are right now, or select pre-packaged mini series instead, it’s up to you and we can accommodate whatever it is that you suits you best.

We, myself, my team and my hand-picked expert guests, can guide you through your chosen journey by way of self-paced lessons or live coaching in groups with like-minded people, one-on-one or in customized VIP Days.  Get our feedback, our checklists, our action items, our cookbooks, our accountability trackers, and much, much more.

An Overview Of The 4 Pillars




At the root of any and every success is a rock solid mindset. Diabetes demands the same. Changing your lifestyle and staying the course is made easier when your mindset is programmed for success.




Skipping meals or eating the same ones day in and out in fear of spiking blood sugars is no way to live. You'll get my dozens and dozens of swaps and recipes so you can continue eating the foods you love and discover new favorites!




Your circulation, muscle and organ health is everything with Diabetes. Movements to maximize your body's performance don't have be rigorous. There is a vast array of easy movements and tools that actually make exercise enjoyable. You'll get the best proven techniques to keep your body healthy and strong.




Completing the first 3 pillars is going to change your life drastically for the better! But for the discerning person with Diabetes who wants to achieve balanced blood sugars like a pro over 90% of the time and excellent A1C results like clockwork, this will pillar will take you that extra mile.

Who The Diabetes Success System Was Designed For

People newly diagnosed with Diabetes and want the best possible start on this new journey. This is also excellent for people who have had Diabetes for some time and need a new self-care routine, reset or adjustment.

Parents, partners, spouses and relatives who have a loved one at home with Diabetes so you can support them in the best ways possible in their day-to-day lives and in potential unexpected situations and emergencies.

For caregivers who have patients and clients with Diabetes who want to know how to help them balance their blood sugars, what questions to ask their doctors, and much more.

Are your blood sugar levels causing you worry and concern? Let's talk about how you can balance them naturally.

About Dr. Cheryl

Dr. Cheryl

Doctor, Holistic Medicine

Diabetes Wellness Strategist

5 X International Best Selling Author

Speaker, Coach, Educator


I watched my grandmother struggle for over 40 years with high blood sugar levels.  I observed first-hand how Diabetes robbed her of her quality of life.  

Doctors and specialists said I should expect the scary complications of Diabetes within the first 5 – 10 years.

With a history of Diabetes in my family, it wasn’t long before I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis over 25 years ago.

I understood that my life was not going to be the same.  I went on a mission to seek out and learn the best natural self-care practices with proven results for lowering blood sugars.

On my journey, I discovered and mastered a New Holistic Lifestyle and have since been living a very vibrant life!

My mission led me to return to University to study alternative medicine. I learned new healing modalities, and how holistic self-care can elevate your wellness and help heal diabetes.

In becoming your Diabetes Strategist, I will help you along your own journey back to a healthy balance, and give you the tools you need to succeed!

Using natural, proven, and safe strategies, I will help you to be accountable for your goals. I will be your Diabetes Success Coach, personal cheerleader, and mentor to help you achieve balanced blood sugars with every meal – and even over night.

It’s time for you to get on the winning side of your health. Reserve your complimentary 20-minute coaching session with me and my team. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The holistic approach to Diabetes wellness is the integration of traditional and modern methodologies to treat the whole person – the mind, body and soul.  This has effectively resulted in reduced prescription medication and regularly balanced blood sugars – and all done NATURALLY!

This is the basis of my renowned Diabetes Success System which is your own customized blood sugar breakthrough blueprint that has been helping people around the world live life worry-free, giving them all the solutions of living the Diabetes-free lifestyle for life! It can halt the progression of complications and stop Diabetes from hijacking your body.

Currently, there is no cure for Diabetes, however, as you implement training in your day, you soon start mastering your own self-care.  The exact self-care steps I use everyday is what you can expect in my Diabetes Success System to help you live the Diabetes-free lifestyle that I have been living for nearly 3 decades.


Type 2 Diabetes is the one disease of all diseases in the world that you have the most control over.  What does it take to do that?  It takes a desire to learn and a passion for living a long, healthy life.  For those who are action-takers, who want to get back into the driver’s seat of their health and future, you can find your solutions and support to reverse your Diabetes in the Diabetes Success System.

Meals is just one pillar of whole health with Diabetes. Other factors such as your quality of sleep, the vitamins and minerals you need with Diabetes, how you manage your stress, knowing how to listen to your body when it’s had enough for the day – all play a critical role in your health.  These are all covered in the Diabetes Success System.

While there are dozens of complications, the most common are caused by having blood sugars that are a little high over a period of time, such as impaired vision, neuropathy in your limbs (responsible for over a million amputations in the US each year), kidney and heart disease, and it robs you of an average of between 5-15 years of your life.  You can prevent these common complications and regain those valuable years by learning how in the Diabetes Success System.

If you are high risk of getting Diabetes, have been newly diagnosed with Diabetes, or have had Diabetes for years, it’s time you get into the conversation with like-minded people in my free private Facebook group and join our group.  I’m in the group multiple times each week with tips, recipes, inspiration and special announcements just for my members.  Join us now here.


"Normal Levels 24/7!"

"I have had Diabetes for over 27 years and the doctors always increased my medications. They didn’t tell me the things I could do everyday to lower my blood sugar levels. My blood sugar levels have often been between 14-22 mmol/l over 90% of the time. I was exhausted, depressed and fatigued all the time. In just a few sessions, within 1 month of working with Cheryl, I was able to reduce my medications by 50% . Within 24 hours, I experienced my first normal blood sugar level in at least 3 years. I could actually remember how it felt to have tons of energy again. My levels lowered and balanced in the 4.3-7.0 range for the first time in years! As a client of Cheryl's, I've learned how to calculate, combat and neutralise high blood sugar levels while continuing to reduce my medications and love food again. I now live with normal levels 24/7 thanks to Cheryl."

"A Great Coach!"

"I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was having my daughter 45 years ago. It grew into Type 2 diabetes. I have been seeing a specialist since then. In Feb 2019, I met Cheryl and had my coaching session with her. I learned more from her about how diabetes affects my body than all of those 45 years put together with my doctors. She gave me practical daily tips and tools that I use now to help me stabilize my blood sugar levels which I find easy to do! If you are looking for a great coach, great advice or a great program, go to Cheryl.”


"Thank you Cheryl for hosting your Diabetes wellness events. I was eager to participate because of the holistic medicine approach. I found the sessions to be beneficial, informative, educational and inspirational as well. The wide range of topics covered is crucial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. I have been a type 2 diabetic for the past 16 years and have never been given so many valuable wellness tips by any medical professionals.”

In The Media

I’ve had the pleasure and honor to serve over 1,100 audiences worldwide.  Here is a small collection of my most popular interviews to learn more about how you can start winning with Diabetes.

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On this episode, Dr. Cheryl is interviewed on her unique holistic approach to Diabetes wellness which embraces health, healing and hope. 

Dr. Cheryl is interviewed by host, Crystal Griffith on the link between Diabetes, Stress and Sleep during the Medical Mom Warriors Summit.

Do you have questions about your Diabetes that are keeping you up at night? I can help ease your mind.

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