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This is your time....  

To Clarify Goals, Discover Strategies, and Get Your Customized Step-by-Step Plan to Help you Crush your Diabetes Wellness Goals 

Did you know that fewer than 5% of adults engage in the top health behaviors?

A Laser-Focused VIP Day(s) creating your Diabetes Wellness Lifestyle Plan with my safe, natural, and proven solutions to help resolve your daily challenges.

With your commitment and my expertise, together we can transform your life.

Join this Elite Winning Circle with a VIP Day

  • An exclusive one-to-one session with Dr. Cheryl and her team of Coaches,  working together on what is most important to you, for your health, and your lifestyle right now. 

  • Select from a half-day, full-day, or a series of days and receive personalized, laser-focused interactive coaching with Dr. Cheryl and her team.

  • Break through your frustrations and fears with Dr. Cheryl who lives the Diabetes difference every day and who will guide you on your new Holistic Diabetes Wellness Journey.

  • Get the specific tools, techniques, strategies, and step-by-step blueprint to help you achieve balanced blood sugars and targeted HbA1C's like clockwork.

  • Get the how-to implementation checklist and processes so you can fully apply all that you are learning.


It is an Exceptional Way to Fast-Track your Results!


You will be working one-on-one with Dr. Cheryl, focusing 100% on Breakthrough Strategies to disarm your Diabetes and daily struggles that keep you stuck so you can live your healthiest life.


Achieving your goals will be based on how you learn so you can easily implement the steps with confidence in your life.


You will walk away with customized solutions, strategies, and a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals such as checklists, a workbook and a personalized journal. 



It is truly a transformative experience where you are given personalized solutions                        specifically for what you need based on how you learn.                               

To flourish with an unstoppable mindset, a trigger-free kitchen, decadent meal plans, custom movements and follow-through support, then click the button below NOW!



This is for you if you:

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  • Are newly diagnosed and want the best leading edge solutions to live a more worry-free and stress- free life
  • Are seasoned and have been living with Diabetes for years and are still not getting the results you want.
  • Want to prevent and by pass  the unnecessary complications of Diabetes
  • You are experiencing complications and want to halt the progression of complications
  • Feel like you've hit a brick wall over and over again and don't know where to turn.
  • You lead a busy life and all you want are the answers that will best help you to lower and balance your blood sugars naturally
  • Want to take out all the guesswork and confusion and get trusted advice from someone who totally understand exactly what you experience every day .
  • Are tired of being tired all the time and want all-day energy.
  • Want the best quality of health for yourself
  • Want freedom in your kitchen, meal prepping and when dining out so you can indulge in the foods you love making them diabetes friendly without having to give them up or feeling guilty. 
  • Customized meal plans: including snacks, appetizers, meals, desserts, drinks, party ideas, and more. 


What We Can Work On


Heightening your Awareness about your thoughts and opening yourself up to new possibilities can create a new world of choices.
With new choices you can create new results that can occur easier and faster when you learn new mindshift techniques to help rewire how you think.


Indulge, enjoy and be confident in your kitchen and when dining out. You will get access to my private library of diabetes friendly recipes, top blood sugar lowering foods and diabetes friendly  swaps. Skipping meals, eating bland foods and eating the same meals day in and out in fear of spiking blood sugars is no way to live. 


Based on your own health and energy levels we will customize simple easy movements that will help reduce inflammation, pain, and neuropathy, as they enhance your circulation. Learn how you can combat insulin resistance in your body. We will identify and customize the top movements and activities that best suit you. 


Identifying the tools and best diabetes blood sugar balancing self-care practices specifically for you that will help you reach your desired healthy target zone 90+% of the time and help you master your HbA1C's like a pro. The best self care practices chosen for you will help you live your best quality of life and help you add 5-15 years back to your life.


Learning new mind shifting techniques will empower you to engage in the next level of health, healing and hope allowing you to fully recognize all of what is possible for you, helping you achieve your goals.

We can work on:
  • Your relationship to Diabetes and how it is affecting you 
  • How to implement mind-shifting techniques
  • How to disarm stress and let go of frustration
  • Techniques that encourage hope
  • Ways to fuel positivity in your life
  •  Creating strategies for you to stay on track 
  • And so much more


Indulge, enjoy and raise your confidence with food choices in your kitchen including your pantry, fridge, and freezer. No guilt, no apologies,  and not having to give up foods you love.

We can work on:
  • Identifying what you specific blood sugar food triggers are
  • Identifying your personal go-to Diabetes-Friendly Allies and Food Swaps
  • Giving you tools and know how to  create your very own recipes just for you
  • Giving you access to our library of Diabets Friendly Recipes You will Love 
  • Learning insider secrets for ordering in and dining out
  • How you can have your cake and eat it too
  • And so much more


Working on simple easy movements that will support you in having a Healthy Diabetes Lifestyle.

We can work on:
  • How you like to get movement in your day and Identify fun movements that are right for you (sitting and standing)
  • Personalized techniques to reduce frustration and stress
  • Personalized activities to help you optimize your insulin efficiency and crush insulin resistance
  • Gentle yet powerful ways to enhance your circulation and blood flow
  • Creating a  customized step-by-step plan to help keep you on track
  • And so much more 


This is all about Helping you in Living the Diabetes Wellness Lifestyle. 

What we can work on:
  • How to achieve healthy targeted fasting blood sugar levels
  • Exploring new devices and technology that are best for you  
  • Preventing, bypassing, and avoiding the progression of unwelcome consequences such as (Vision issues and Neuropathy)
  • Halting the further progression of complications you are experiencing that will further affect your quality of life  
  • New Healing Techniques you can do at home to help you elevate your best diabetes self care 
  • Building your immune system including vitamin and mineral therapy and targeting deficiencies needed to help you heal  
  • And so much more 


In Person VIP, Online VIP, Group VIP 

When you are focused on your spouse, children, parents, home, career, finances, and personal relationships, at the end of a long day that your health can be affected.

When your day is full of responsibilities, you and your health can come in at the tail end of your priority list. When this happens, your health is easily jeopardized (even though you are not meaning for that to happen) and your body is left without the vitality needed to fulfill your own life's purpose. That means you're not sleeping as well as you could be, you may not be eating as well as you could be, and your ability to cope with stress can be challenged.

A health coach does more than get you back on track. They help you resolve the issues and challenges in front of you and create a new track that is right for you. 
Becoming empowered in your life is a process. Achieving success in your health with balanced blood sugars is not reached using a one-size-fits-all solution. It takes meeting you right where you are, right now and progressing from here.



A day that focuses on you and what you need

It is an Extraordinary way to Fast-Track your Results!


It is an exclusive opportunity with a 1 : 1 Coach that mentors you in transforming how you live with Diabetes. 
Providing you a space to shift your thoughts and learn new strategies and behaviors on how to let go of stress, frustrations, and worry. 
Learn new food choices to help you  makeover your pantry, fridge and freezer, setting you up for Blood Sugar Success. Have fun and create decadent meals, desserts, adn party platters.

No Matter where You are in your Diabetes Journey, a VIP Day is for you. 

Whether you are seeking a whole life plan or you want to work on specific areas of your Diabetes, the VIP Experience will work for you.  

Are You Ready To...

  • Get off the blood-sugar-rollercoaster once and for all? 

  • Get back in the driver's seat of your health in the trusted direction to lasting blood sugar success?

  • To take responsibility for how your life could be?

  • Think well, perform well, eat well, and sleep well? 

  • Prevent and/or reduce medications and use proven natural solutions? 

  • Receive coaching and guidance from a Pro who has been where you are and knows exactly what to do to Live a Diabetes-Free Lifestyle?



Frequently Asked Questions



What's Included


VIP Assessment

A questionnaire will be sent to you once your VIP date is scheduled. This will ensure a powerful VIP Day together.

Open and Safe Environment

Open, safe, and inspiring environment to share your personal feelings and insights and how Diabetes is affecting your health and your life.

Action Plan

A comprehensive action plan with your health goals and custom solutions  just for you that will help breakthroughs occur       for you daily

Diabetes Wellness Journal

A simple yet powerful Diabetes Wellness Journal where you will be tracking your blood sugar levels and use them as a compass to discover what causes your triggers and what balances your sugars.


A custom workbook will help guide you in your journey and allow you to follow along and give you a place to express all of your thoughts and breakthroughs in one place. 


Client Success Stories

"If you are looking for a great coach, great advice, or a great program, go to Dr. Cheryl.”

"I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was having my daughter 45 years ago. It grew into Type 2 diabetes. I have been seeing a specialist since then. In Feb 2019, I met Cheryl and had my coaching session with her. I learned more from her about how diabetes affects my body than from all of those 45 years put together with my doctors. She gave me practical daily tips and tools that I use now to help me stabilize my blood sugar levels which I find easy to do! If you are looking for a great coach, great advice, or a great program, go to Cheryl.”


I've learned how to control and combat high blood sugar levels. I now live with normal levels thanks to Dr. Cheryl."

"I have had diabetes for over 28 years. At my appointments, Dr.'s  gave me my lab results and told me to keep an eye on my levels yet offered no advice  on how to. They increased my medications regularly. My blood sugar levels were always between 14-22 mol/l’s (Canadian) 252- 308 mml/dl (USA) 95% of the time. I was always exhausted, anxious, and depressed. In just one coaching session with Dr. Cheryl, I was able to achieve healthy targeted blood sugars for the first time in years that same day. This gave me new hope, I was told it was not possible. Within one month I was able to reduce my medications by 50%. Within 4 months I reduced them 80%.I experienced normal blood sugar levels daily. I had tons of energy, and I achieved consistent healthy levels between 4.6 to 7.0  (Canadian) 82-126 (USA) for the first time in years!

As an ongoing client for over 20 years now, Dr. Cheryl has taught me how to disarm diabetes naturally. I take no oral medications and was taking over 180 units of insulin a day and now I only take 33 units daily. You are angel Dr. Cheryl. You have given me back my life!        JAMES, THORNHILL

You can resolve your challenges with Diabetes once and for all.


Here's where we can focus our time together




  • Online Assessment
  • 3 Hour 1:1 Session with Dr. Cheryl (Virtually or In Person)  
  • Strategic Plan
  • Diabetes Wellness Journal
  • Workbook
  • Follow up Call and Email from Our Team




  • Online Assessment
  • 1.5-hour Pre Session With One of Our Coaches
  • 5-hour 1:1 Session with Dr. Cheryl (Virtually or In Person)
  • Blueprint of Your Step-By-Step Strategic Plan
  • Diabetes Wellness Journal
  • Workbook
  • 30 Minute Follow up Session with One of Our Coaches
  • Lifetime On-Demand Access to Your Personalized Coaching Recordings




  • Online Assessment
  • 1.5 Hour Pre Session With One of Our Coaches
  • Specific Goal-Setting Session with Dr. Cheryl
  • Multiple 1:1 Sessions with Dr. Cheryl and Her Team of Experts (Virtually and/or In Person)
  • Blueprint of Your Step-By-Step Strategic Plan
  • Diabetes Wellness Journal
  • Workbook
  • 60 Minute Follow Up Session with One of Our Coaches
  • Care Calls With Dr. Cheryl Between Sessions
  • Voxer Access
  • International Best-Selling Book
  • Lifetime On-Demand Access to Your Personalized Coaching Recordings

Meet Dr. Cheryl

Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH
Diabetes Wellness Strategist, Dr. Holistic Studies,
7X International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, & Educator,

Founder & CEO of Holistic Diabetes Solutions, and

The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education

During the prime of her life, Dr. Cheryl suddenly and unexpectedly fell into a comatose state.  Upon awakening from her coma, she was told she had not 1 but 2 life threatening diseases; Diabetes and Hashimoto's Disease. She was given the same medical recommendations and the exact same prognosis that her grandmother was given 40 years prior for her Diabetes. Watching her grandmother suffer for years with the many unnecessary consequences of high blood sugars, and the continual increases in medication, it was these observations that made Dr. Cheryl decide to take her health matters and future into her own hands. 

Nearly three decades later, Dr. Cheryl has helped thousands of busy, high-achieving women and men with her expertise and her safe, proven Holistic Approach to Diabetes Wellness. Dr. Cheryl combines the best of traditional and natural practices, winning mindset strategies, and the best holistic self-care practices available today!

Her 4-Step Proprietary Process is called the Diabetes Success System and is transforming how people live life with confidence, peace of mind, and stabilized blood sugars like clockwork. Dr. Cheryl teaches you how to live the Diabetes Free Lifestyle empowering you every step of the way! 

She continues her mission of inspiring, empowering and educating millions of people around the world to live healthier lives using her methods and first class world-class education. 

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