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Did you know that there are nearly HALF A BILLION people with Diabetes worldwide?

It's growing by the MILLIONS each and every year (with 37% succumbing to unnecessary amputations and worse). That's 1 in 5 people and that means it's very likely you know someone who has Diabetes (including Type 3 Diabetes - Alzheimers).

And, did you know that MDs are not specifically trained to treat Diabetes so medication is often the only solution they have to feel well?

Give the gift of the best natural self-care practices by booking Dr. Cheryl for your upcoming event to relieve their minds and bodies with the solutions they are seeking right now, once and for all.


About Dr. Cheryl

Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH
Dr. Holistic Studies, Dr. Acupuncture
Diabetes Wellness Strategist & Coach
Creator & CEO of Holistic Diabetes Solutions
8 X International Best-Selling Author

Many people who know and work with Dr. Cheryl don’t realize how close to death she came when both her pancreas and thyroid completely gave out. They are amazed by her energy levels after learning about her life-changing wake-up call that had her take a step back to re-examine her life and lifestyle. She was burnt out, both mentally and physically, and how she approached things had to change.

As challenging as that time was in her life, Dr. Cheryl refers to it as a very special gift because she learned what a truly fulfilled life is. Even more, she helps busy, high-achieving with women and men like herself, avoid that health scare altogether.

Dr. Cheryl has spent many years coaching people who want all that life has to offer and to enjoy it to the fullest despite Diabetes. It's made possible by using her Diabetes Success system, a winning combination combined of her expertise in holistic and traditional medicine and solutions. 

She continues to thrive and embrace personal and professional growth with the influences of her spiritual and business coaches and continued participation in major research studies.

Dr. Cheryl joins forces with today's Top Thought Leaders as Global Influencers who teach real, lasting change in health through the available new, proven holistic possibilities.

Various images of Cheryl Ivaniski, Diabetes Wellness Strategist, holding her books or awards and being interviewed by Jack Canfield
Diabetes expert, Cheryl Ivaniski, on stage
Cheryl Ivaniski holding Guinness World Records Certificate
Dr. Cheryl Ivaniski leading diabetes education seminar

Dr. Cheryl's Specialized 
Holistic Health Topics

Image to show mindset as an important part of diabetes education


Awareness, Believing in New Possibilities & How You Can Live the Diabetes-Free Lifestyle with the New Holistic Approach That Works

Fact: Of the people who set goals for themselves, a mere 6% actually achieve them. What’s their secret? Their mindset! Diabetes demands a Success Mindset to go the distance. It creates lasting health and will help you win with Diabetes.

Balanced diabetes meal plate showing how to split a plate by carbs, vegetables and proteins. Balanced meals is an essential part of diabetes education


A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Of Your Own

The nutrition advice that the vast majority of people with Diabetes receives is from their MD.  MDs aren’t trained to teach you what really triggers those spikes in your blood sugars levels, what to do to lower them, and what to keep in stock in your kitchen pantry, fridge and freezer that supports consistent balanced blood sugars.  Learn the triggers that are lurking in your kitchen, how to easily swap them out with Diabetes-friendly foods and ingredients and live your life with all-day energy.

Happy mature woman working out as part of a diabetes fitness plan


Easy Movements That Lower Your Blood Sugars

In a world where a sedentary life is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes, it is of utmost importance now more than ever, especially with Diabetes, to get up and get moving. However, there are a plethora of movements that won’t leave you aching for days. Get the easy practices that you’ll look forward to doing throughout your day.


The Top 10 Holistic Diabetes Self-Care Practices Toward Realizing Predictable & Consistent A1c’s

Without these dependable Diabetes self-care practices, you’ll be beat by the blood sugar level rollercoaster ride. They’re all-natural, proven to reduce medications, and leave you feeling excited and energized!


"Thank you Cheryl for hosting your Diabetes wellness events. I was eager to participate because of the holistic medicine approach. I found the sessions to be beneficial, informative, educational and inspirational as well. The wide range of topics covered is crucial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. I have been a type 2 diabetic for the past 16 years and have never been given so many valuable wellness tips by any medical professionals."

Cynthia, Australia

Dr. Cheryl's Scope includes...

Dr. Cheryl teaching on stage


On the stage or virtually Dr. Cheryl is equally inspiring, energetic, and actionable. She is a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker who will deliver an engaging keynote presentation to your audience to empower them with the new wellness possibilities to help them transform their health and wellbeing.

Cheryl Ivaniski leading a diabetes education seminar


Dr. Cheryl is on the roster of countless conferences as a main contributor, sponsor, and guest speaker. 


Cheryl Ivaniski as pat of a local experts panel


An in-demand panel expert at events offering inspiration and empowerment through healthy living, and educational tools to help people achieve new results.

Cheryl Ivaniski, expert diabetes advisor


An invited expert advisor on web shows hosted by some of today’s top thought leaders including podcasts, wellness networks, social media lives videos, and more.

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Dr. Cheryl's Media & Speaker Kit

Health Healing Hope
A Holistic Approach To Diabetes Wellness

Dr. Cheryl excels in bringing you the newest leading edge live and online coaching programs via her Lifestyle Wellness & Diabetes Wellness Centres/Training Academy.

Dr. Cheryl's Media Kit Includes:

  • Official Bio

  • Cheryl In The News

  • Cheryl Keynote Topics

  • Cheryl Books


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