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Dr. Cheryl has written books with 5 of the top thought leaders and motivational speakers in the world Including Jack Canfield, Brain Tracy, Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, Raymond Aaron and the World Organization of Natural Medicine.

She is a member of the National Association of Authors, Writers and Speakers. She was inducted into the Academy of Best Selling Authors, Writers and Speakers and received the prestigious Quilly Award for her bestselling book, ‘Success Starts Today”, on the red carpet in Los Angeles, California.

Benefit from Dr. Cheryl's award-winning expertise from her books below today!

Bestselling & Quilly Award Winning Book

Success Starts Today

Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Share Their Secrets For Achieving Health, Wealth and Success Today

Would you like to succeed? Most people do. And there are no boundaries for choosing goals. Our goals may include our desire to succeed in business, academia, societal or personal accomplishment, humanitarian improvement or any other field we select.


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#1 International Bestseller

The Handbook to Holistic Health H3

A Self-help Guide to Live Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3, features 21 Award Winning Authors from various Health and Wellness backgrounds. They have one message to share with you, that there’s an alternative, natural, holistic solution for your health issues. 


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Award Winning

The Authorities 

Cheryl Ivaniski: Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field 

Cheryl Ivaniski understands stress because she almost died from it. Now she is on her journey to help you live the enriched quality of life you deserve. She lives with healthy lifestyle principles and wants to share them with you so you can live your healthier, fuller, longer life. 


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Anne (Hamilton)

"This is a wow!"


As a nurse working with patients all day long, I see failing health and emergencies because people have out of control diabetes and can’t get their levels down. It bothers me that I can’t help people the way they deserve. I think many people take their health for granted. After seeing how patients have responded in Cheryl’s practice and Diabetes Success programs, I witnessed families renew their hope, regain their health status and start living again, and they are not spending every cent on health. This is a wow!


Reserve your complimentary 20-minute coaching session with Dr. Cheryl and her team. We’ll discuss your top burning question or concern. It’s been a game-changer for many people, and now it’s your turn to live an empowered life with Diabetes!
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