“I have had diabetes for over 20 years and the doctors always increased my medications. They didn’t tell me the things I could do everyday to lower my blood sugar levels. My blood sugar levels are often between 14-22 mmol/l over 90% of the time.  I was exhausted, depressed and fatigued all the time. In just a few sessions, within 1 month of working with Cheryl, I was able to reduce my medications by 50% . Within 48 hours, I  experienced my first normal blood sugar level in at least 3 years and I remembered how it felt to have tons of energy again. My levels were 6.5 to 7.1 for the first time in years!  As a client for over 20 years, Cheryl has taught me how to calculate combat and neutralize high blood sugar levels while continuing to reduce my medications. I now live with normal levels 24/7 thanks to Cheryl.“

James (Toronto)

Ways To Work With Me


For the person who wants the exact step-by-step blueprint to achieve your health and wellness goals without having to wait in line.  You will get a customized plan specifically for you, to help you break through the struggles that keep you stuck and get you on track. Let’s connect in a complimentary discovery call to determine if this is the right option for you.


Not only do you get my 7 Day Diabetes Recipe eBook with 35 recipes (that you can create multiple meal plans with), you’ll get the comprehensive shopping list, my marvelous marinades, 2 instructional videos on how to read nutrition labels for Diabetes and the importance of testing and tracking your sugars… and $500 in instant bonuses!


In just 6 weeks, you can finally RELAX and LOVE food and being in your kitchen again as you CONFIDENTLY prepare the meals, snacks, beverages and desserts that can heal the damage that Diabetes does to your body and prevent the scary complications Diabetes can bring to your life!  Our next session starts soon.  Join the waiting list below to be the first to know!


This Life-Giving Training Video Series and Comprehensive Handbook are full of life-giving information that are vital for the care of a loved one or client with Diabetes.  You’ll also learn simple but very effective self-care tips for yourself because your health matters, too!