If you guessed STRESS, you are right!

According to psychcentral.com, stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease (often brought on by diabetes), cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has declared stress a hazard of the workplace.

In an article published recently by https://www.hcamag.com, Entrepreneur and Workplace Stress costs businesses OVER $300 BILLION A YEAR!

These statistics are frightening!

Are you one of the MILLIONS of business professionals affected by Stress?  Does it sometimes run your life and negatively affect your business?  Do you know how stress affects you and your health?

As a leading Holistic Wellness & Mind-Body Authority, entrepreneur and as a survivor of a coma, my body relates to stress in the workplace.

As someone who has experienced the damage caused by excessive stress, this became an area of focus for my clients in my private practice whom I’ve counselled and coached, as well as presented how harmful stress is and how to combat it to the large audiences worldwide.  I have also written and co-authored books about how stress is a state of mind with today’s foremost thought-leaders.

With a background in hypnosis, NLP and personal transformation, I’ve helped many people apply the life-changing processes (the how-to) to understand what stress is and how to shift the reaction so it no longer harms your mental and physical health.

In my upcoming book, The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy People, I address and solve the main problems of stress in our lives.  I’m happy to share one very important technique from the book with you here, so you can start to shift the way stress shows up and affects your life.


One way to identify when stress is upon you is when your focus shifts from what you want to focus on, to something else.  This is beginning of stress and anxiety and when it begins to affect your mind or body.


To prevent it from escalating, there is a simple and effective technique you can apply immediately at these moments.  I call it the 4-7-8 method. 

Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.

Inhale into your lower belly for 4 seconds.

Hold your breath for 7 seconds.

Then, exhale at an easy pace for 8 seconds through your mouth at an easy pace

Repeat this three times.

This super simple technique brings oxygen into your cells which in turn removes stress from your mind and body.

You can do this at your desk, on public transit, while walking and moving anywhere and anytime stress starts to show up in your life. This is especially effective for those with busy minds who need help falling asleep and to stay asleep.

As busy, successful business professionals and entrepreneurs, a technique this simple in your arsenal is going to allow you to just let stress to pass by you – not through you – so you are not giving it any of your energy.  This will help you continue to be optimally successful in your day!

Don’t overlook this POWERFUL tip to implement in your life now.  It’s simple and it WORKS!