Enrich Your Health And Wellness With The Holistic Approach To Wellness

Wellness Coaching with Cheryl Ivaniski, D.Ac., C.H., RDH personalized to your needs via Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts

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Who is it For?

This is for women, men, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers and professionals who want to interrupt, reverse, prevent health challenges and become more proactive with their health.

Meet Your Coach

Cheryl Ivaniski, D.Ac., C.H., RDH



It’s Time to Optimize Your Health

You will learn how to decrease the effects of chronic stresses on your body, decrease aches, pains, stiffness, chronic disturbances, and revitalize your cells and immune system. Do you want to add that enriched quality into your life ? Adding quality and longevity and feel great adding abundant energy and healing into your life..that is where it is at. You work hard to earn money and you want to enjoy your life now and in the years to come, is that right? We coach people who want to enrich their quality of life today and live well. You work hard to make money and get ahead in life to have a better future for yourself and your family.

Your Personalized Holistic Wellness Program

Statistics show us that over 95 % of people in our lives, our parents, children, and friends have chronic health issues that rob them of the joy, mobility, and ease in their life. At times you may have issues personally, and not even be aware of it. You may experience the effects of stresses in your body, such as digestive issues, headaches, back pain, allergies, etc. We will design a wellness program, personalized just for you. It will allow you peace of mind and the ability to excel in your life giving you energy and excel your healing process. In our busy world, today lack of time and convenience often takes over our better choices for our health. One-on-One coaching provides you with the strategies you can use every day to impact your health in a positive way where You are the Focus, it is all about you.

  • You will learn how to optimize your health with easy steps and processes you integrate into your life

  • You will learn what to avoid that interferes with your healing that actually depletes your energy

  • You will learn what activities to do to encourage healing in your body

  • You will learn what to do more of that will repair and enhance your health and energy

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