Being told you have diabetes can be scary. There is so much outdated and misinformation out there that it is hard to know what to follow. The worst part is the complications that arise due to diabetes that lower your life expectancy by ten to fifteen years and decrease the quality of your life.

But does it have to be that way?
During the time that I was recovering having blown out both my thyroid and my pancreas, my Grandmother was dying from the complications of diabetes. Back then medical science couldn’t do much but try to control your blood sugars as much as possible through insulin. They knew the additional conditions can happen to diabetics but didn’t understand why it was happening. They did the best they could with the knowledge that they had, and I am thankful. It did keep her alive a lot longer than she would have without it.
When I knew that diabetes was going to be a part of my life, I was determined not to suffer as my Grandmother did. I knew that there had to be more. That sent me on a search to find out all I can about this condition and my options available to live life to the fullest.
My search started with understanding what diabetes does to the body.
Why do these complications occur? What I found out shocked me.
One Destructive Thing
When sugars are high in your blood, it produces acid. That acid kills cells in your body in specific areas eventually leading to death. Your body cannot process the acid, and so it stays in your system causing problems in these key areas:
1. Ability to Heal
The acid decreases your ability to heal. Simple injuries and cuts that normal people recover from quickly become infected and can lead to amputations.

2. Your Blood Circulation

The acid causes your blood to thicken decreasing circulation which can lead to heart problems and strokes. The blood is also less oxygenated which causes leads to problems with the extremities like your hands and feet.

3. Capillaries
The acid in the blood destroys capillaries, especially in the eyes and kidneys leading to blindness and kidney failure.
4. Nerves
Nerve cells are particularly affected by the acid. It kills them leading to neuropathy and loss of feeling in key areas such as your feet. This leads to balance issues and falls.
5. Inflammation
The acid creates inflammation throughout the body leading to conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Knowledge is the key. When you understand what is happening in your body, there are things you can do to get rid of the acid, and I would love to show you how.