We heard Cheryl speaking at the Health Expo and could not wait to talk with her afterwards.   We immediately enrolled in her coaching program and our lives have just skyrocketed into new levels of health, that we could have never foreseen were possible. Having great health and living life. Thanks so much.


When I learned of the pilot program of the new wellness programs ,  I immediately called and registered without hesitation for the program on Optimizing your Wellness for life.  I am still sharing the benefits that I learned, upgrading with ongoing webinars and coaching programs so I can continue helping others and sharing the wellness. What a great feeling.  Thanks Cheryl.


As a nurse working with patients all day long, I see failing health that interferes and steals their energy and ability to do things many of us take for granted.  After seeing how patients have responded in Cheryl’s Wellness coaching programs, I witnessed families renew their hope, regain their health status and start living again, and they are not spending every cent on health. This is a wow.