The Holistic Approach to Diabetes with 10+ International & National Wellness Experts to help you start WINNING with Diabetes!

Interested in natural solutions to improve your Diabetes wellness but aren't sure what you can trust? Wondering what you can do to reduce and avoid complications from Diabetes?  Can Diabetes be reversed? 

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Our Top Holistic Wellness Summit Guest Speakers

Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Maggie Berghoff

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Trevor Cates

Prof. George Grant

Daniele Hargenrader

Brian Gangel

Dr. Mona Morstein

Barbara Pasternak

Karin Weiri

Discover advanced and modern day holistic strategies from 10 of the world’s leading experts on Diabetes!

  • Ways that nutrition could play a role in optimizing your overall health
  • Functional Medicine and it's use of diet and lifestyle changes that can help
  • Specialized therapies being used for heart health and the results

These are the secrets the top leading experts are sharing with their clients, and now you have access, for no charge to you!

  • Spirituality & it's possible role in increasing overall well being 
  • Stress tools that may help to lower stress  and lead to better sleep quality
  • Simple movement techniques almost anyone can do and a look at the potential role of movement in healing
  •  ...and much more!

Your Host, Cheryl Ivaniski

Cheryl Ivaniski is a Holistic Health Authority, Dr Holistic Medicine – Acupuncture, expert in Natural Nutrition, Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine. Her clinical and research interests include promoting positive beliefs and transforming beliefs and attitudes to living well with Diabetes and how to normalize your blood sugar levels naturally.

Having survived serious health challenges including comatose, Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimotos Disease (under active/non working thyroid), Cheryl set her sights sharply on mastering a Holistic Way of Living so she could continue to inspire, empower and educate you with her expert knowledge in Holistic Wellness, and the Power of Mindset. She continues to coach Health Professionals and those with Diabetes in her online Signature Coaching Programs and at live events.

She is a 4 X Best Selling Author and Global Award Author, International Speaker and Founder of Holistic Diabetes Solutions & The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education.

What is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic Wellness is a NEW NATURAL APPROACH that embraces the best of Traditional Medicine, Naturopathic Practices and Mindset (Mind-Body Connection). It means analyzing and addressing the WHOLE person – physical, mental, and emotional health. This is the focus and roots of the Summit.

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