An Introduction To Diabetes Wellness

A Self-Paced, Online Video Series That Puts The EASE In Diabetes


You Want To Know How To Win With Diabetes Because You’re…


Serious about Diabetes and want to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to stay away from the unwelcome complications it can come with when it’s left unattended


Unsupported by your medical professionals (because they’re not specifically trained to help you prevent or heal from the damage that Diabetes causes your body)


Eager to take care of yourself as naturally as possible in between your appointments but aren’t sure how to do that


Not interested in trial and error as your foremost plan for your health and your future


Feeling frustrated and alone as you try to figure it all out


Aware that, like everything else in life, getting the advice, education and guidance from someone who’s gone through what you’re going through and totally gets it, is your best chance of success – that there’s no sense in trying to reinvent the wheel when someone has already mastered it and has the answers you need.

I Totally Get It!  I Was There Myself Over 26 Years Ago

After learning that I was receiving the same information that my grandma did when she was diagnosed with Diabetes 40 YEARS prior to my own diagnosis – that medication and prescriptions was the only way I could survive – I became determined to find a better, more natural way to live a Diabetes-free lifestyle.

After years of research, participating in studies, becoming a Doctor, Holistic Medicine, and expertly trained in Natural Nutrition and the Mind/Body Connection, I discovered a system, the Diabetes Success System, that would transform the lives of people with Diabetes – from being lost, alone and worried, to learning how to master their blood sugar levels, their kitchen and meals, their mindset, movement and more!  I’ve been teaching my system to people around the world for decades ever since then.

Each client has started out feeling really lost, confused and wondering, “What do I need to do first?!”  So I decided to take the beginning steps of my system and put them into this standalone series, so that more people with Diabetes could get the solid foundation to living the Diabetes-free lifestyle that the Diabetes Success System was designed to do.  I wish I had this first step when I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, but I’m thrilled that I can help others to never have to feel the way I did through this Introduction to Diabetes Wellness series!

“Quite Amazing!” 

“I really enjoyed your sessions.  They were always very educational and you give practical advice and tips to create a balanced life. The awareness that you bring to the listener is quite amazing, as I have never learnt so much in such a short space of time. I have several members in my family who are diabetic and I find it much easier to support them and engage in a conversation that’s empowering to them. I have referred many of my friends, family and colleagues to you and they all say the same thing. Blessings for all that you do, Cheryl and thank you so very much!”

Rosa Lokaisingh, CEO/Founder/Business Connector/Community Builder

What You Will Learn In The Introduction to Diabetes Wellness

Getting Started: What Diabetes REALLY Is

The Important Differences Between Traditional And Modern Solutions

Introduction To Holistic Diabetes Solutions – The NATURAL Way To Balance Your Blood Sugars

Diabetes Is Not A One-Size-Fits-All Condition.  Find Out Where You Fit In.

Understanding Your Blood Sugar Results

What Happens Inside Your Body According To Your Blood Sugar Levels

This Introduction Series Is Perfect For You If You…


Have a very busy schedule at work and at home and don’t have any more time to waste on guesswork to get started or reset your Diabetes wellness journey


Just want the answers from someone who has been where you are and is an expert in the field


Want to confidently move forward in your life without worry and stress and letting Diabetes lead your life


Don’t want to be one of the millions of people suffering unnecessarily from the common complications of Diabetes


Enjoy time with your family and friends, being able to kickback and relax more knowing you’ve got what you need to begin being the hero of your own health.

Meet Your Diabetes Wellness Mentor, Dr. Cheryl

Doctor Holistic Medicine, Diabetes Wellness Strategist, 5 X International Bestselling Author, 2 X Guinness World Book Record Holder, Professor, And Most Importantly, A Woman Living Vibrantly Well Despite Having Diabetes For Over 26 Years!

Cheryl Ivaniski Holistic Diabetes Solutions
Cheryl Ivaniski Holistic Diabetes Solutions

Having watched and cared for my grandma who struggled for over 45 years with high, very high and sometimes low blood sugar levels, I witnessed first-hand how Diabetes sucks the quality of life out of a person, little by little each day and each year. She experienced gradual loss of vision, mobility, independence and eventually the shutting down of her kidneys and heart, until one day, Diabetes took her life.

With Diabetes being common in our family for many generations, I was diagnosed with Diabetes (and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) over 26 years ago.  What was shocking was I received the same conventional advice from my doctors that she received decades ago.  My mission became very clear to me at that moment.  I was determined to find all the ways to live my highest quality life and become even more empowered through great health!

Having already been trained in traditional medicine, my search for the holistic side of medicine became an obsession, so much so that I returned to University and earned my Doctorate in Holistic Medicine, was expertly trained in Natural Nutrition and the Power of the Mindset.  Since then, I’ve mastered my own self-care and know exactly what people with Diabetes need to do to live the vibrant and complication-free life that I have been living for decades.

My life is full of blessings.  I’ve co-authored books with some of the Top Thought Leaders in the World including Jack Canfield (New York Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, over 800,000,000 books sold), Les Brown, (World’s #1 Motivational Speaker), Dr. John Gray (Men are Mars, Women are from Venus), Brian Tracey (Top 10 Business Guru) and others.  And, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating and interviewing some of the top doctors in the world in Holistic Medicine.

Now, I share my secrets, education and proactive conscious best self-care practices with you in this incredibly enlightening introduction series. 

You can count on my help to become a self-care expert so you can thrive in your life with Diabetes!

What’s Included In This Series


24/7 access to your videos


Available anywhere in the world that you are, at any time.


6 comprehensive videos + bonus videos by Dr. Cheryl


Assignments, a journal, a scorecard, and beautiful tip sheets to help you integrate your new learnings.


Email support

“I feel confident!” 

“I learned more from Cheryl in just a few sessions than I have in the past 20+ years from my doctors and Diabetes.  Now I know the exact things I can do everyday to balance my blood sugars easily and naturally.  I’m learning so many new things about the holistic approach to living with Diabetes and it shows in my blood sugar readings.  Now I feel confident and that I can really win with my health.  I am relieved of the worry always in the back of my mind of having future complications because with your program, it works.  Thank you, Cheryl!”

Rosemary Ghiz, Mother, Speaker, Author, Mortgage Advisor, and passionate about all things Real Estate!

Give Yourself The Best Chance To Win With Diabetes!

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