The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Kickstart Program 

Next Session Begins in June!  Don’t Miss It!

Because You Have Diabetes, It’s Likely You’ve Felt…

  • Really fed up that no matter what you do and how hard you try, you still struggle with trying to maintain normal blood sugar levels consistently and stay in the healthy zone.
  • Nervous that the nagging thoughts and feelings you have, could be, or are becoming a reality now, have far worse repercussions than you want in your life.
  • ​​Very worried that your health can deteriorate rapidly if you don’t do something right now
  • ​​Fearful of a future dependent on medications rather than being able to live and heal yourself naturally
  • ​​Annoyed by shopping, being in your kitchen and preparing your meals because you’re really not sure what you should and shouldn’t eat anyway.
  • Lost, alone and unsupported because no one gets what you’re really going through.

I TOTALLY Get It! I Felt The Same Way When I Was Diagnosed With Diabetes Nearly 30 Years Ago

That’s why I put the EXACT blueprint in this live 6-week coaching program of how to kickstart your Diabetes-friendly kitchen pantry, fridge and freezer that have resulted in balanced blood sugars for me over 90% of the time (and excellent A1C results EVERY 3 months like clockwork!).

Now you can start creating a kitchen just like mine where the ingredients you reach for are meant to balance your blood sugars AND amp up the fun and flavors in your meals, snacks, appetizers, desserts (yes, you heard that right!) and beverages!

I’m going to give you the ABCs of:

  • How Your Mindset Plays a Big Role In The Choices You Make On What To Eat
  • The Top Foods That Start & Keep You On The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster
  • ​The Top Foods That Can Help Balance Your Blood Sugars
  • The Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without
  • How to Create a Diabetes-Friendly Plate
  • ​The Power of the Glycemic Index For Diabetes

What You Will Learn During Your 6 Weeks With Me

How to shift your mindset to go from victim to victory and how you can train your body and thoughts to perform for you the way you want and need them, too!


What the top 10 trigger foods are and how they cause and lead to the progression of Diabetes complications

The top swaps – one ingredient for another – and how they can repair your arterial health, heart health, circulation, vision, kidney and more.

How to get your pantry set up for REAL with the top wet and dry ingredients in your pantry, fridge and freezer.


What macronutrients are for your health and why you need them in reasonable amounts in your daily diet to improve your glucose response

The actual Glycemic Index and how to combine the low GI foods to create the perfect Diabetes-Friendly plate

This is an online program that I’ll provide for you in via Zoom so you can learn from the comfort of your own home that is anywhere in the world!  Plus, you get action steps, assignments and bonuses for each module to make it easy for you to integrate your new ways of eating and meal prepping now.

I’ll be with you every step of the way as you join me at my kitchen table. I am here to hold your hand through this process, so you can finally RELAX and LOVE being in your kitchen as you CONFIDENTLY prepare the foods that can help balance your blood sugars naturally.  You’ll learn how to heal the damage that Diabetes does to your body, prevent the scary complications Diabetes can bring to your life, and return to living your life with passion!

You’ll learn how to go from not knowing what to buy, combine and eat to being the HERO OF YOUR HEALTH and a CONFIDENT DIABETES FOODIE, like me!

Fall In Love With Food & Your Kitchen Again!

Next Session Begins in June!  Don’t Miss It!

  • Coaching Session #1: Flourishing With Diabetes: What’s the common denominator of the world’s top success stories? They are born from people who have a mindset that is determined like an ox! There’s no use learning anything without having your mindset ready and open to receive new information and the energy to see it through!

  • Coaching Session #2: The Top Trigger Foods: The food choices you make every single day greatly influence your risk of developing Diabetes complications. Your meal planning and food consumption is of primary importance and these 10 top trigger foods that you will recognize will no longer have power over you. Not to worry! After this session, you can toss the guesswork and worry away!

  • Coaching Session #3: The Top Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Allies: It’s important for all of us to eat a diet that supports and controls blood sugar, whether we have Diabetes or not. All you need to remember is one simple formula to ensure that every meal fills you up and keeps levels stable: Protein + carbs + healthy fats, and maybe even a few surprises. You’ll get exactly what you need in this session!

  • Coaching Session #4: How to Create the Perfect Plate & Macronutrient Basics: Leading authorities and professional organizations have concluded that proper nutrition therapy is an important part of the foundation for the treatment of Diabetes. Macronutrients are essential nutrients the body needs in large quantities to remain healthy.  They provide your body with energy and allow the body to function correctly.  When you have Diabetes, the traditional nutrition information does not apply the same way, so come learn the secrets that no one tells you about and you will start to see the difference in your first meal.

  • Coaching Session #5: Top Essentials You Can’t Live Without: These items make all the difference for your blood sugars but they certainly don’t compromise on taste! This is the secret to how you can still indulge in the foods you love without worrying about how they’ll affect your blood sugars.

  • Coaching Session #6: Glycemic Index for Diabetes: How to combine low GI foods and how they can help you gain tighter control over your blood sugar. Paying attention to the GI of foods can be another tool to help manage Diabetes. You’re going to get my trusty version that has helped me and thousands of my students and clients to achieve balanced blood sugars. 

In This Breakthrough Program, You Will…

  • Discover a whole new world of flavors and create new and exciting dishes
  • ​Realize how much you can do for yourself rather than relying on store-bought items
  • Gain confidence to mix Diabetes-friendly pantry items together to create your own signature flavors
  • ​Feed yourself and your loved ones with joy again!
  • ​Bust myths that may have kept you from the flavors and foods you deserve

Get Ready To Start Winning With Diabetes

Next Session Begins in June!  Don’t Miss It!

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