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Enjoy these gifts for your health and wellness!  Download one or all of them.

The On-Demand, NO BS Blood Sugar 5 Day Challenge

Learn how to achieve normal blood sugar levels in 5 videos, tips, assignments, recipes and more that have helped hundreds of people around the world!

Kick Stress to the Curb for Good!

Stress has been proven to be linked with your health.  By not being mindful of stress, it can wreak havoc in your body.  And for those of us with Diabetes, stress causes inflammation which creates poor circulation and much worse! The time is NOW to learn how to keep stress from affecting your life.  These are my own tips that have helped me live a vibrant life, stress-free.

The Holistic Diabetes Wellness Journal

The best way to achieve normal blood sugar levels is to find out what caused them to spike or plummet unexpectedly, and the best way to do that is to test and track your levels.  Simply print this out, leave it in the most convenient place for you at home with a pen to make it easy for you to complete throughout the day.

How To Enjoy Your Summer Complication-Free!

We developed this eBook in the midset of our Summer, but it’s useful to have it so you can safely travel to sunny destinations any time of year.  Dehydration means that you have less water in your body which then creates a higher blood sugar concentration. Learn the tips on how to keep cool, injury-free and hydrated!

Bust Out of the Winter Blues!

Feeling the Winter Blues?  It Can Be Easy For Your Mood To Affect Your Health.  Learn How to Avoid the Pitfalls with the 3 ACTS OF DIABETES SELF-CARE YOU CAN PRACTICE DURING A WINTER LOCKDOWN

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Cheryl Ivaniski
Holistic Wellness Strategist, Dr. Holistic Medicine

X International Bestselling Author, CEO, Holistic Diabetes Solutions & The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education, and Woman Living Vibrantly with Diabetes for Over 24 Years!

Having watched my grandma struggle for over 40 years with high, very high and sometimes low blood sugar levels, I observed first-hand how Diabetes robbed the quality of life from her, little by little each day, each year.  She experienced gradual loss of vision, loss of mobility, loss of independence and eventually the shutting down of her kidneys and heart, until one day Diabetes took her life.

Having a history of Diabetes in my family, it wasn’t long before I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis over 24 years ago suddenly, at the prime of my life.

Doctors and specialists said I should expect the scary complications of Diabetes within the first 5 -1 0 years and to prepare for a grim future as my grandma was told. Essentially, not much had evolved in Diabetes health and wellness since her diagnosis.  That’s when…