Now You Can Fall In Love With Food Knowing EXACTLY What to Cook For Balanced Blood Sugars For A Whole Day!

The One-Day Diabetes Meal Plan is designed SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU, the busy and concerned person who is:

  • Constantly worried and surprised by rising blood sugars even after trying everything you thought you should be doing
  • Tired of trying to piece together a meal plan that will keep your blood sugar levels in check, but still tastes great
  • Dreaming of the day someone would just hand you a done-for-you solution with no-fuss recipes so you can stop the confusion, stress and endless hours online searching
  • Determined to have all day energy and feel as vibrant as possible, with natural and healthy choices

  • Looking for natural ways to rebalancing blood sugar levels from meal to meal snack to snack and even overnight

“I learned more from Cheryl in just a few sessions than I have in the past 20+ years from my doctors about diabetes. Now I know the exact things I can do everyday to balance my blood sugars easily and naturally. I’m learning so many new things about the holistic approach to living diabetes-free and it shows in my blood sugar readings. Now I feel confident and that I really can win with my health. I am relieved of the worry always in the back of my mind of having future complications. Thank you Cheryl.”

Rosemary Ghiz, Mother, Speaker, Author, Mortgage Advisor

What’s Included In Your Free One-Day Diabetes Meal Plan…

 5 Mouth Watering Recipes For A Full Day Of Balanced Blood Sugar Meals & Snacks

Valuable Tips To Help You Understand Why I Use These Ingredients And Why You Should, Too!

Free Access To A Private Community of Like-Minded People Seeking Ways To Master Self-Care Naturally

Peace Of Mind Knowing These Recipes Come From A Woman Living And Thriving Despite Having Diabetes For Over 26 Years!

About the Author, Cheryl Ivaniski

Cheryl Ivaniski Holistic Diabetes Solutions

Hello!  I am so thrilled you’re here because that means you’ve finally found a Diabetes meal plan prepared by someone with Diabetes who totally gets what you’re going through! 

Yes, I live in your shoes every day and it started over 26 years ago when I was first diagnosed.  I just wanted someone to give me exactly what I needed to be able to prepare simple delicious meals that would help me lower my blood sugars and ultimately achieve excellent A1C results every time.  It just didn’t exist then. All I could do was follow what my doctor and dietitian recommended, yet I wasn’t anywhere near achieving my goals. It was so frustrating!  That’s precisely why I designed this One-Day Diabetes Meal Plan – to save you the energy, time and stress of having to try to figure out and go it alone.

As a Doctor of Holistic Medicine, expert in Natural Nutrition and the Mind/Body Connection, a 5 X international best selling author, mentor, speaker and coach, I’ve got you covered because I totally understand what you want and need.  In fact, you are part of my life’s mission to help 10,000,000 people with Diabetes worldwide learn how to master their self-care as I have done (because it is a daily thing – you don’t get to do it some days and stop).  It’s with gifts like this One-Day Diabetes Meal Plan, my free private Facebook group, webinars, podcast and coaching programs, that I can help you achieve your goals.

Claim your free Diabetes meal plan as my gift to you, and experience decadent eating starting today!

To Your EXCELLENT Health,


Diabetes Wellness Strategist,
Doctor Holistic Medicine,
5 X International Bestselling Author

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