The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education



  • Are you looking to grow your practice to include helping heal people with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes?
  • Do you want to specialize in the Diabetes niche market?
  • Do you want to offer online coaching, become the go-to professional, a speaker and the local expert in your community serving your clients with sound, safe and spectacular results?

This is the solution for you!  THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!

About The Academy

The Academy offers Certification and Elective Programs for professionals who are seeking to truly help people with Diabetes to become healthier and to live longer.

There are over 422 million people with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes who need sound support and education who are seeking proactive preventive practitioners.  These practitioners are hard to find because they do not exist.

Our programs include the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements, and how to support the body to heal from the inside out.

The Academy of Holistic Diabetes Education provides training and resources for:

  • traditional and natural health care practitioners
  • health and life coaches
  • fitness trainers
  • emotional and mental health practitioners
  • mindset and stress professionals
  • and those who have a genuine interest in learning the newest leading edge education to help people who are at risk of and who have Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes restore their health

Our students include:

  • nurses
  • pharmacists
  • specialists including eye care, wound care, heart health and more
  • medical, dental and naturopathic physicians and their teams
  • nutritionists
  • hygienists
  • massage therapists
  • movement specialists
  • acupuncturists
  • reflexologists
  • social workers
  • CPR trainers
  • and those living with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes who want to know everything they can to help themselves restore their own health and vitality.

In addition to these programs,  the Academy offers Train-the-Trainer programs and opportunities to join and participate in  Masterminds and Retreats.  There are also opportunities to become an apprentice coach with us.

We are about inspiring, empowering and educating you to help your clients to prevent, restore and yes, even reverse Diabetes (up to 90% can be reversed), and how to intercept consequences offering the best healing coaching and care available.

Our goal is in leading the New Movement, as World Class Leaders building our community to over 250,000 Holistic Diabetes Practitioners around the globe who step up and take the stand to deliver the most profound impact on the quality of life and longevity for people with Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes. We stand for adding back the 5-15 years to their lives that the average person with Diabetes loses.  We will do that with you by combining the best of traditional and naturopathic practices to have a fully integrated approach to Winning over Diabetes.



Having watched her grandma struggle for over 40 years with high, very high and sometimes low blood sugar levels, Cheryl observed Diabetes sucking the quality of life little by little each day and each year from her.  She experienced gradual loss of vision, loss of mobility, loss of independence and eventually the shutting down of her kidneys and heart, until one day Diabetes took her life.

By achieving new heights with her own health, Cheryl has defied the odds.  Doctors and specialists said complications were expected within the first 5 -1 0 years and to prepare for a grim future of complications. 

Now, Cheryl shares her secrets, education and proactive conscious self-care practices with you as a student at the Academy.  You will learn her proven Holistic solutions, ones she has been practicing for over 24 years.

Cheryl has gone on to co-authoring books with some of the Top Thought Leaders in the World including Jack Canfield (New York Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, over 800,000 books sold), Les Brown, (World’s # 1 Motivational Speaker),  Dr. John Gray (Men are Mars,Women are from Venus), Brian Tracey (Top 10 Business Guru) and others.  She has interviewed some of the top doctors in the world in Holistic Medicine and she will continue to do so.

Cheryl’s newest book, Having a Life of More was inspired by her 100-year-young Grandpa and her grandmother who lost her life to Diabetes.  It earned her International Status as a Global Award Winning Author in London England, and she has co hosted the Awards Event since her win a well.

With her international best selling books, her background as a licensed health care professional , professor and consultant  in traditional medicine, her Doctorate in Holistic Studies – Acupuncture, advanced training in Natural Nutrition, Certification in the Power of Mindset and Hypnotherapy, and treating and coaching clients for over 28 years, she excels in bringing you the newest leading edge programs helping you to become the local diabetes wellness expert in your community. She wants you to thrive and your clients and practice to thrive! The Academy offers you this opportunity, and now is the time!  People need your help!


The Academy was designed specifically for health professionals, holistic practitioners , energy healers and those who have a genuine interest in truly making a positive impact in the lives of others.  The Academy is for you if you

  • Genuinely want to help people heal and help them add 5-15 years back to their life and quality back into their days.
  • If you want to shift the devastating effects of Diabetes and help people get in front of and be empowered  rather than staying behind it and always chasing trying to keep up .
  • You want to change the face of our current model of traditional care from crisis and emergency treatment to the model of proactive, preventive intervention helping people reclaim their health with proven holistic solutions 
  • Want to serve people who so need your help and are seeking it, yet cannot find it anywhere because it does not exist yet. The Academy is the New Movement to changing the face of Diabetes from fear, compilations and suffering to living vibrantly well with the Diabetes & Complication Free Lifestyle 
  • If you know that it is the Natural Solutions people need to help heal their diabetes and swap them in for the dependency of medications that are preventing their healing process.
  • Want to grow your practice or start your practice and specialize in this niche market that  needs you so much. ( There are nearly HALF A BILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE looking for you !)
  • Have a compelling mission to be that person who impacts positive change for people who wants to help prevent and eliminate the consequences of high blood sugar levels that are costing people their lives and quality of life.
  • Passionate and adamant about utilizing only the best of today’s newest, trusted, proven holistic information and methods to serve your community.
  • Want to elevate your career by becoming an Ambassador of Holistic Health in your communities and networks, who are interested in “Train the Trainer” programs and becoming leaders , a sought after speaker at major events, podcasts, guest blogs and interview appearances and much more!
  • Want to have a blueprint ready to go for your clients and patients which relieves them from the piecework and guesswork of the information they have become stuck in which does not serve them, as complication and death statistics reach all time highs.

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