The POWER Of A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen


  • Learn What Diabetes REALLY Is
  • How Diabetes Affects Your Vital Organs, Immune System, Sleep, Mood, Energy and More (And What You Can Do To Improve Them NOW NATURALLY)
  • Which Top Diabetes-Friendly Ingredients Can Balance Your Blood Sugars With Each Meal

Blood Sugar Levels Can Have You Worrying About…

 Join Us for the Free BLOOD SUGAR MASTERCLASS: The Power Of A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen LIVE With Dr. Cheryl

Thursday, February 24th


  • Inconsistent blood sugar readings and what that could mean for your health and your future

  • The legitimacy of the information you’ve spent hours gathering online

  • What to do during the months in between your appointments so you can experience real improvement
  • How your responsibilities at home and your career are stretching you in every direction and is leaving you no time for your Diabetes self-care requirements
  • Consequences of poor meal choices such as skipping meals or sticking to only a few food options in order to avoid blood sugar spikes

  • Your overall health and want help from someone who lives with Diabetes every day, whose blood sugar levels are in the desired target zone over 95% of the time and who REALLY gets it!

I Totally Get It!  I Felt The Same Way Nearly 30 Years Ago.

That’s why I put the foundation of Diabetes wellness in this Masterclass.  This is where confusion, frustration and stress ends and fantastic health can begin!

I’m going to give you the ABCs of:

  • What Diabetes Really Is
  • What Is Happening Inside Your Body When Your Sugars Are Even Slightly Higher Than Normal
  • How Holistic (Natural) Solutions Can Make All The Difference In Your Life
  • Top Diabetes-Friendly Ingredients Can Be Your Best Allies
Holistic Diabetes Solutions - Cheryl Ivaniski - Mindset

What You’ll Learn During Your Free Blood Sugar Masterclass: The Power Of A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen


Did you know that there are more than 5 types of Diabetes?  It’s MUCH more than being about your blood sugar levels and it’s important to understand it so you can make informed decisions about your health. 


Damage occurs to the nerves, brain, capillaries, blood vessels and your vital organs when blood glucose levels are repeatedly high, low and erratic.  High blood sugar levels and the roller coaster effect in particular causes serious damage and complications.  Knowing what gets affected in your body and how to prevent it is the key to living a longer healthier life.


While mindfulness, moving your body and muscle groups and best self care practices, are all important pillars in achieving balanced blood sugars, the one thing that can instantly affect your blood sugars like nothing else in the world is how you fuel your body. I’ll give you the insider secrets and the  best of the best building blocks, ingredients, and healthy swaps so you can have fun confidently creating meals in your very own kitchen

… And A Special Masterclass Workbook

Your workbook includes:


    • A place to write down your A-HA moments and jot down your questions to ask me during the live Q&A at the end of the Masterclass
    • My top go-to mindset exercises to put the ease in Diabetes
    • My tried and true Diabetes-friendly marinade recipe that is so versatile it can be used to marinate your meat, chicken, fish and other proteins, as well as your fresh and roasted vegetables, and in your soups and stews, too!
Holistic Diabetes Solutions - Cheryl Ivaniski - Mindset


You Get A Free Copy Of My Top 5 + 1 BONUS Wellness Snacks You Can Indulge In Without Worry Instantly When You Register

 Join Us for the Free BLOOD SUGAR MASTERCLASS: The Power Of A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen LIVE With Dr. Cheryl

Thursday, February 24th


 Join Us for the Free BLOOD SUGAR MASTERCLASS: The Power Of A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen LIVE With Dr. Cheryl

Thursday, February 24th

Meet Your Host, Cheryl Ivaniski

Doctor Holistic Medicine, Diabetes Wellness Strategist, 5 X International Bestselling Author

Cheryl Ivaniski Holistic Diabetes Solutions

Having watched my grandma struggle for over 40 years with high, very high and sometimes life-threatening low blood sugar levels, and caring for her all those years, I witnessed first-hand how Diabetes sucks the quality of life out of a person, little by little, each day and each year.  She experienced gradual loss of vision until she saw only shadows.  Her mobility, independence and eventually, the shutting down of her kidneys and heart, until one day Diabetes took her life.

With Diabetes running for more than 4 generations and being common in our family, I was diagnosed with Diabetes (and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) over 26 years ago.  What was shocking was to have received the same conventional information about what complications I could expect with no education, starting point or action steps to follow.  It was the same information my grandma received decades prior – nothing changed!

My mission became very clear to me at that moment.  I was determined to educate myself and apply my learnings in every way possible so I could develop strategies to lower and balance my sugars so I could live a higher quality life! I didn’t want the same future as my grandma and so many millions of people who struggle and suffer the unnecessary consequences of Diabetes.

The medical and naturopathic communities didn’t know how to help us and I surely did not want to be a victim or become another statistic having multiple complications, a lack of quality of life and being robbed of 5-15 years of my life. So I made it my mission to figure it out for myself.  I had no choice.  I could volunteer to be a victim or I could explore and discover the what’s and how’s and keep trying day after day.

Having already been trained in traditional medicine, my search for the natural side of medicine became an obsession, so much so that I returned to school and graduated as a Dr. Holistic Medicine.  Since then, I have mastered my best self-care practices and know exactly what people with Diabetes need to do to live the vibrant and complication-free life I’ve been living for decades.

My life is full of blessings.  I’ve written books with some of the Top Thought Leaders in the World including Jack Canfield (New York Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, over 800,000,000 books sold), Les Brown, (World’s # 1 Motivational Speaker), Dr. John Gray (Men are Mars, Women are from Venus), Brian Tracey (Top 10 Business Guru) and others. I’ve also had the pleasure of collaborating and interviewing some of the top doctors in the world and great researchers of our time.

Now, I inspire, empower and educate health professionals and people living with Diabetes with the secrets and the winning self-care practices I’ve discovered during this Masterclass.  You will learn my holistic (natural) solutions to help you achieve normal blood sugar levels naturally and safely.

With my international best selling books, background as a licensed healthcare professional, professor and consultant in traditional medicine, a Doctor In Holistic Studies – Acupuncture, advanced training in Natural Nutrition, Certification in the Power of Mindset and Hypnotherapy, and treating and coaching clients for over three decades, you can count on my help to becoming your own Diabetes Wellness self-care master so you can thrive in your life in spite of having Diabetes, too!

Learn How To Be The Hero Of Your Health At This Free Masterclass

Thank you, Cheryl!  I was eager to participate because of the holistic approach. I found the sessions to be quite beneficial, informative, educational and inspirational as well. The range of topics covered is crucial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. I have been a type 2 diabetic for the past 16 years and have never been given so many valuable wellness tips by any allopathic medical professionals.  I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to manage diabetes and achieve a healthy lifestyle.Cynthia M

 Join Us for the Free BLOOD SUGAR MASTERCLASS: The Power Of A Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen LIVE With Dr. Cheryl

Thursday, February 24th


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