There’s a lot of frustration for people with Diabetes on how to maintain normal blood sugar levels.  I’ve seen it with almost every one of my clients as they enter their program with me.  They’re dismayed, confused and stressed out – things a person with Diabetes should avoid.

Yesterday, during our Trivia Tuesday segment, I asked the members of our private Holistic Diabetes Solutions’ Facebook group, which one of the following solutions can help you maintain normal blood sugars with more precision and speed than any of the others?  They had these 4 answers to choose from:

  • Tracking your results in a journal daily
  • Making your own healthy sauces with fresh herbs and spices
  • Eating berries rather than fruit
  • Meditating in the morning and before bed time

Because they didn’t all choose answer #1, tracking your results in a journal daily, I know that this simple but super effective solution is still not mainstream knowledge.

Why test your blood sugar levels throughout the day EVERY day:

Blood sugar testing provides very useful information for your diabetes wellness.  You can:

  • Monitor the effect of your medications
  • Identify when your blood sugar levels went high and low
  • Fast track your progress in reaching your overall health goals
  • Learn how your food choices and movements/exercise affect blood sugar levels

When to test your blood sugar levels:

You should start TODAY if you haven’t started at all yet.  And, you should continue to test and track your levels every day so you have a visual history of what went on for you and when.  Once you’ve got even a month’s worth of tracking, you can now make adjustments safely and easily only where and when it is needed.  That means you don’t have to redesign your entire life, but just those little things that you can easily pinpoint now.  By doing this, you can prevent the unwelcome complications and challenges that Diabetes can bring in your life without notice and negatively impact the quality of your life instantly.

I hope this took a load off your mind and shoulders.  It’s just one of the best holistic Diabetes solutions I’ve discovered and mastered since being diagnosed with Diabetes and Hashimotos Thyroiditis over 24 years ago, and have been thriving with energy and success ever since!

Watch the mini-coaching I provided on testing and tracking your levels, and grab your free journal in the comments below the video…