I’m starting to hear about some places slowly starting to open up again which means that life as it was before the lock down is in the works.

Do you wonder about your health – how it will stack up once you’re back in your workplace and social settings?

Having Diabetes means our immune systems need more work so that it’s working optimally, compared to a person who doesn’t, so I thought I’d help arm you in a complimentary LIVE webinar this coming Thursday, May 7th, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET.  It’s called how to “Ignite Your Immune System Super Powers”!

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I’m not talking about you learning all the typical, run of the mill stuff you’re used to seeing by now.  I’m talking about taking a deeper dive by explaining what your immune system is, how it protects you from viruses and other illnesses, what SIMPLE things you can do now   to nurture your immune system during COVID-19 and to prepare you moving forward in returning to the life you had post-lock down beyond smoothies and vitamins (many of which do not actually boost your immune system), and more!

As a bonus, I’m opening up the end for a live Q&A so you can ask me your burning questions about how you can keep you and your loved ones safe now and in the future.

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I look forward to helping you soon!