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How to Live a Diabetes-Free Lifestyle with Balanced Blood Sugars

An Introduction to Diabetes Wellness

After years of research, participating in studies, becoming a Doctor, Holistic Medicine, and expertly trained in Natural Nutrition and the Mind/Body Connection, I discovered a system, the Diabetes Success System, that would transform the lives of people with Diabetes – from being lost, alone and worried, to learning how to master their blood sugar levels, their kitchen and meals, their mindset, movement and more! I’ve been teaching my system to people around the world for decades ever since then.

Each client has started out feeling really lost, confused and wondering, “What do I need to do first?!” So I decided to take the beginning steps of my system and put them into this standalone series, so that more people with Diabetes could get the solid foundation to living the Diabetes-free lifestyle that the Diabetes Success System was designed to do.

Cheryl Ivaniski, Dr. Holistic Medicine

The story behind the solution

I’m Cheryl Ivaniski, Dr. Holistic Medicine, Diabetes Wellness Strategist, International Best-Selling Author, Guinness World Book Record Holder, and a woman thriving despite having Diabetes for nearly 30 years!

My journey with Diabetes started as a young girl watching my grandmother struggle with high blood sugar levels. I observed first-hand how Diabetes robbed her of her quality of life. She experienced a gradual loss of vision, mobility, independence – and eventually the shutting down of her kidneys and heart. One day …

Articles about meal plans, recipes, and more


Diabetes Meal Plan Ideas

Diabetes meal planning can be stressful. When you consider all you need to know about carbs, carb counting, portion sizes, fiber, heart health and more, planning any meal can turn into a hard to navigate maze. Some foods that we know are safe to eat, like vegetables, can seem boring if you eat them on their own or prepare them the same way. 

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What is safe to eat with Diabetes?

I’ve been having a lot of fun teaching the people in our private Facebook group, Holistic Diabetes Solutions, a whole lot about how a person with Diabetes can live a vibrant life despite it. I’m living proof that you can live life to the fullest with Diabetes with a holistic (natural) approach. 

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How to reduce future risk of Diabetes complications

There’s a lot of frustration for people with Diabetes on how to maintain normal blood sugar levels. I’ve seen it with almost every one of my clients as they enter their program with me. They’re dismayed, confused and stressed out – things a person with Diabetes should avoid.

How others like you have benefited...

rosemary Ghiz

"I feel confident"

I learned more from Cheryl in just a few sessions than I have in the past 20+ years from my doctors and Diabetes. Now I know the exact things I can do everyday to balance my blood sugars easily and naturally. I’m learning so many new things about the holistic approach to living with Diabetes and it shows in my blood sugar readings. Now I feel confident and that I can really win with my health. I am relieved of the worry always in the back of my mind of having future complications because with your program, it works. Thank you, Cheryl


"Amazing awareness"

The awareness that you bring is quite amazing. I have several members in my family who are diabetic and I find it much easier to support them and engage in a conversation that's empowering to them. I have referred many of my friends, family and colleagues to you and they all say the same thing. Blessings for all that you do, Cheryl and thank you so very much!

Testimonial Three

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Cheryl Ivaniski, 5 X Best Selling International Author


Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field

Cheryl Ivaniski understands stress because she almost died from it. Now she is on her journey to help you live the enriched quality of life you deserve. She lives with healthy lifestyle principles and wants to share them with you so you can live your healthier, fuller, longer life.
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