No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.Louise Hay

Have you ever known someone who can handle any situation thrown at them? Even though it is challenging, they deal with it and come out better on the other side?  Have they been able to mind-shift?

Or maybe you know the opposite? Perhaps there is someone who falls apart at the least little thing and expects everyone else to carry them and solve their problems.

Have you ever wondered why some people can handle emotional setbacks and others can’t? Is there something that sets them apart? That is what we are going to look at in this blog post.

Why Do People Experience Emotional Set-Backs?

The reactions people have will be based on the type of experiences that have occurred and on their sensitivity to it as well. Some people have a very heightened sensitivity to experiences. They absorb them, and they become more prominent and overwhelming. It causes a flurry of emotions that paralyzes them. Others have low sensitivity, and things tend to bounce off instead of being absorbed in. They can look at it rationally, make a decision and then act to resolve matters.

A Fixed Mindset vs A Positive Mindset

Your mindset is a predetermined pattern of thinking that you have developed over the course of your life. It is how the mind is set up to deal with the millions of thoughts and actions that occur every day. It allows you to function and determines how much success you will have in life.

If you have a fixed mindset or one that focuses on troubled thoughts, you will find dealing with life difficult because you will not allow yourself to see an answer, only more trouble.

But on the other side of things, a mindset that is very positive, outgoing, adventurous, curious, and seeks knowledge, knows that there is always an answer and will look for it until it is found and will reach success. Each mindset produces different chemicals in the body, and those chemicals will cause to attract to us what we are.

A negative mindset produces negative emotions and all these produce chemicals that can cause pain and sickness in our body. Dr. Nelson Bradley,  is the creator of The Emotion and Body Code. He talks about how our emotions become trapped in our bodies. For some people they become caught in bones and joints, so they end up with arthritis.

Other people, they hold their emotions on their shoulder and get a frozen shoulder. Different people might carry that within different cells, and that might be the cause of cancer.

Those who have a fixed mindset believe they cannot change their qualities, which means they are even more resistant to trying new habits or ways of thinking in order to change their health conditions.

The opposite is true as well. There have been people who have such a positive mindset and emotions that they have been able to overcome extreme diseases and live way longer than expected because a positive mindset produces, beneficial emotions, which creates chemicals that strengthen the body.

What Mindset Should A Person Have In Place To Live Life Successfully?

That’s where I think mindset and mind-shift come in. Many times, we are so hard on ourselves, and that needs to change.

If people were kinder to themselves and gentler with not being so hostile when something happens, life would become easier. You need to be with it. Not that you give it lots of attention but let it percolate like coffee.

When you do that, the mind-shift opens up other ways of seeing how your current mindset may be holding you hostage. Living successfully isn’t pointing blame at oneself or others. Living successfully is honestly being in your brain and asking the bigger question. What’s the lesson here instead of who is at fault?

Another thing I encourage my clients with is to do something that they have been passionate about or have been wanting to do but haven’t done. Like go out and play golf, go out to the gym, do kickboxing or indulge in cooking. Or people who like to write, like myself, journal.

When we are doing things that are expressions and actions, and we do those things the mind-shift can come in because we are attaching a new experience of release. And that can open up the opportunity for joy.

Your mindset can change, and you can live life successfully. The choice is yours.

Cheryl Ivaniski, D. Ac., C.H., RDH is a Health Authority and a Wellness Strategist. She inspires, empowers and educates people in a way that heightens their awareness to live their best quality of life. To learn more about Living Vibrantly Well with Cheryl’s Coaching Programs connect here.