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We’re going ABOVE & BEYOND the typical, run-of-the mill-tips with my top 6 BEST Holistic Solutions to ignite your immune system super powers!

You Will Learn:

  • How to manage and eliminate stress (since it’s a BIG factor in how well your immune system operates and protects you from viruses)
  • The REAL vitamins that you should consider taking to help your immune system help you (and why you shouldn’t take every vitamin under the sun!)
  • The trace minerals that have positive immunomodulatory effects and thus the course and outcome of a variety of viral infections
  • The top 4 super antioxidant foods containing  A, C and E vitamins that can help with your immune system health and performance 
  • What Qi Gong is and its role in grounding and resetting the immune system
  • The importance of lymphatic health and what the very simple things you can do to keep lymph moving