The Diabetes Success System Inner Circle

An exciting membership designed and led by Dr. Cheryl, exclusively for people living with diabetes to provide the essential self-care skills and solutions that will help you lower and balance your blood sugars NATURALLY, and get you back in the driver's seat of your health.

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Searching for Natural Diabetes Wellness Solutions That Work?

  • It’s a fact that the holistic approach to diabetes wellness helps lower your blood sugars naturally and helps replace the false crutch of medicationsYou want the lifestyle modifications that are impactful and serve fresh alternatives to your medications.
  • The statistics of people suffering with complications is staggering and you want no part of it.  You want to identify the complications you're susceptible to and understand exactly how to avoid them.
  • Living with diabetes can be isolating; loved ones may not fully grasp your daily struggles and the impact it has on your emotional well-being. You're seeking a supportive community with professionals and like-minded people who truly understand what you're going through.
  • Diabetes is a delicate condition and using guesswork is very risky and unnecessary.  You want the top self-care practices, a boost of confidence, savour delicious foods, and the easy, fun movements that improve insulin sensitivity.

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you're a perfect fit for my Inner Circle!

This isn't just another program – THIS IS YOUR LIFE and the opportunity to experience massive transformation.

Join us to receive the guidance, support, and solutions required to regain control of your journey with Diabetes.

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Dr. Cheryl has been featured in...

In the prime of my life, an unforeseen diabetes diagnosis reshaped my life. As the news came after waking from a comatose state, memories of my grandmother's struggles for over 45 years with diabetes overwhelmed me. Like many people, her main source of wellness was medication prescribed to her during her few annual appointments.  She grappled with gradual loss of vision, neuropathy and mobility issues, her brain health, independence, and, ultimately, the loss of her life.

At that moment, I realized the need for a less challenging method to flourish with diabetes.  That's when finding a new, natural path to living unaffected by and thriving with diabetes became apparent to me.  I returned to university, earning my doctorate in holistic studies, and embarked on a global journey to explore every natural avenue for creating well-being with diabetes, including natural nutrition, mind/body medicine and neuroscience.

Today, I've assisted thousands of women and men worldwide in transforming their lifestyles, allowing them to live with joy, energy, and without the constant fear and worry that having diabetes can have. The cornerstone of my success formula is embedded in this membership.  I invite you to experience the benefits of the wisdom I've acquired during my own 28-year journey with diabetes in my new, revolutionary DSS Membership.

Dr. Cheryl
Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH
Dr. Holistic Studies, Dr. Acupuncture
Diabetes Wellness Strategist & Coach
Creator & CEO of Holistic Diabetes Solutions
7X International Best-Selling Author

Client Success Stories 🧡


“My BSL was always high after dinner, 261 US.  Now it’s 108!” (14.5 to 6 CDN)


“My BSL in the mid-afternoon was always 244. Now it's 109 (13.6 to 6.1 CDN)!  Thank you so very much!  Your program changed my life forever!"


“My A1C went from 12.7 to 5.5!”

The 7 Steps to Diabetes Success

Our membership guides you through a clear Success Path, starting with foundational knowledge and building up to advanced self-care practices.

You'll gain confidence in the kitchen, establish effective routines, improve your A1C results, and form lasting, healthy habits.

Step 1: Orientation and Foundation Building

Step 2: Gaining Confidence in Self-Care

Step 3: Building a Personalized Routine

Step 4: Mastering Blood Sugar Management

Step 5: Goal Setting and Habit Formation

Step 6: Thriving with Diabetes

Step 7: Ongoing Growth and Adaptation

What's Inside the Diabetes Success System Inner Circle?

When you become a member in my Inner Circle, you'll have all the new resources to set you up to win with Diabetes at your own pace. Gain access to a team of top-notch expert coaches dedicated to your success, along with proven tools and a supportive community.

Every month, I introduce a new theme, ensuring your journey is always fresh, engaging, and aligned with your needs.

Here's an example month:

Mindset Evolution Coaching

Get mindset strategies, practical tools, and guided meditations aimed to alleviate your concerns, restore clarity, and raise your vibration. You'll establish a deeper connection within yourself, enhancing the effectiveness of your healing journey.

Diabetes Friendly Foods & Meals

Access recipes directly from Dr. Cheryl's personal collection, complete with step-by-step instructional videos. Gain additional insights into the ingredients, storage solutions, ways to boost flavours, and more.

Movement Guidance

Discover enjoyable and effortlessly simple movements. They will not only reduce stress, they will also enhance circulation and skyrocket your insulin efficiency.

Monthly Coaching Session & Q&A

Enjoy a coaching session by Dr. Cheryl giving you in-depth knowledge of the theme for the month. It's also your opportunity to get your questions answered.

Supportive Community

Celebrate your victories, receive support, and stay committed with the help from our exclusive community.  You can look forward to inspiration and motivation on your journey from our team and our members.

Monthly Calendar

Stay organized by receiving our monthly calendar and reminders highlighting upcoming trainings and where to access them.

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Who This Exclusive Membership is For

Women and Men Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes: If you're just beginning your journey with diabetes, the Inner Circle provides a supportive and invaluable starting point. 

Those Seeking a Holistic Approach: If you're interested in managing your diabetes beyond just medication and are looking for natural, lifestyle-based strategies, this membership is for you. 

People Looking for Consistent Support: Managing diabetes can be a long-term challenge. Our membership offers ongoing support, ensuring you're never alone in your journey. 

You Want to Improve Your Overall Well-being: This membership isn't just about managing blood sugar levels; it's about enhancing your overall quality of life. 

Caregivers and Family Members: If you're caring for someone with diabetes or have a loved one affected by the condition, the Inner Circle can provide you with valuable insights and strategies to support them effectively.

Those Looking for a Community of Like-Minded Individuals: The journey with diabetes can sometimes feel isolating. Our membership offers a community where you can share experiences, challenges, and successes with others who understand what you're going through.

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Embrace the journey to a thriving life with diabetes.

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  • Monthly Themed Content: Each month focuses on a different aspect of living well with diabetes, providing a comprehensive approach to your wellness journey.
  • Weekly Deliverables: Receive valuable resources every week, including eBooks, meal plans, exercise guides, and more.
  • Live Coaching with Dr. Cheryl: Attend monthly live sessions for personalized guidance, support, and Q&A opportunities.
  • Exclusive Access to a Supportive Community: Join a like-minded 'family' of individuals who understand your journey and offer encouragement and advice.
  • Resource Library: Unlimited access to a growing library of self-care practices, recipes, checklists, and cheat sheets.
  • Personalized Goal Setting and Tracking: Tools and support to help you set and achieve your personal health goals.
  • Expert Guest Speakers: Gain insights from guest speakers on various topics related to diabetes management and holistic wellness.
  • Special Member Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on other products and services offered by Holistic Diabetes Solutions.
  • No Lock-in Commitment: Flexibility to join and leave the membership at any time, with no long-term commitment required.
  • Regular Updates and Additions: The membership content is ever-evolving, ensuring you always have access to the latest information and strategies.




  • Everything in the Monthly Plan with ONE EXTRA MONTH FREE!


Frequently Asked Questions


Still not sure if the Inner Circle is For You?

What if
you continue to feel overwhelmed and confused by the complexities of managing diabetes, struggling to make sense of conflicting advice and unsure about the right steps to take?

Instead, imagine having a clear, guided path through the Holistic Diabetes Wellness Circle, where every aspect of diabetes management is simplified and made understandable, empowering you to take control with confidence.

What if
you keep facing the frustration of not knowing what to eat, leading to erratic blood sugar levels and constant worry about your health?

Instead, envision yourself with access to a wealth of diabetes-friendly recipes and meal plans, tailored to stabilize your blood sugar and enhance your overall well-being, all within a supportive community.

What if
your current exercise routine or lack thereof isn't helping you manage your diabetes effectively, leaving you feeling stuck and unable to see progress?

Instead, consider the benefit of personalized exercise guides and routines available in the membership, designed specifically for people with diabetes, helping you to improve insulin sensitivity and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

What if
you continue to feel isolated in your diabetes journey, lacking a support system that understands your challenges and can offer real-time advice and encouragement?

Instead, imagine being part of a vibrant community where you can share experiences, gain insights, and receive support from others who truly understand what you're going through, including regular live coaching sessions with Dr. Cheryl.

What if
you remain in a cycle of stress and worry about your diabetes, unsure how to find peace of mind and a sense of control over your condition?

Instead, envision a life where you have access to effective stress-reduction techniques and self-care practices, transforming your approach to diabetes into a journey of empowerment and positivity.

Join the Diabetes Success System Inner Circle today and turn these "what ifs" into your new reality, where managing diabetes becomes a journey of discovery, support, and thriving health.

Lock-in Your LIFETIME Early Bird Rate