Today you’re going to learn about the major role fiber plays in Diabetes.

Did you know that fiber can slow your body’s absorption of sugar? That’s one major reason why fiber is an essential must-have for your Diabetes-friendly kitchen.  I’m thrilled to share various ways you can easily incorporate more fiber into your life – including my own personal fiber packed smoothie recipe. Enjoy!


Your challenge for today is to assure your day includes 30 grams of fiber for women and 40 grams of fiber for men – using balanced amounts throughout your day in meals, snacks and drinks. Please test your blood sugars regularly so you can see how fiber impacts them and share what you notice in the comments. Fiber can affect your blood sugars for up to 24 hours.  Listen to the end for all the different ways you can easily add fiber to your drinks and food including making the mouth-watering, fiber maximized smoothie I show you.


Here’s how to win one of the amazing prizes!  Post photos of your completed task, photos of your before/after glucometer readings and enter #day2challenge in the Comments in the Challenge Facebook group HERE.  That’s it!  Good luck!

Thanks again for joining me and taking on these Challenges. As a result of these Challenges, you will enrich your overall Diabetes wellness, enhance your circulation, vision, heart health, mental clarity, and the best thing is you will start to feel that energy all-day because your blood sugars will be more balanced. 


Download and print your Fiber Tips HERE


Now that you’re well on your way to your very own wellness-focused, Diabetes-Friendly kitchen, stay tuned for the next Challenge!!

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