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Welcome to The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Kickstart Coaching Program with Dr. Cheryl

Dr. Cheryl
Dr. Holistic Medicine, 5 X Best Selling Author, Your Mentor & Course Creator

Congratulations for becoming a member in the Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Kickstart (DFKK) 6 week coaching program!  In this kitchen kickstart program, you’re going to learn what it takes to build a solid foundation for creating your very own Diabetes-friendly kitchen for life.

While this program focuses on how to set you up for ultimate Diabetes success, it is a mini-makeover to kickstart you so that you can identify which trigger foods to avoid and which foods are Diabetes-friendly to help you balance your blood sugar.

This mini-makeover is just the beginning of your Diabetes journey.

Enjoy our time together over the next 6 weeks.  It’s going to be a life-giving, life-changing time for you!

Your Instructions

  • Review your coaching schedule below and put them in your calendar now so you are prepared each week to meet me on time.
  • Show up a few minutes early, in a room or area in your home/location where you will not be disturbed.
  • Where headphone or ear buds so you are not distracted by surrounding noises.
  • Turn your phone ringer down or off.
  • To print any exercises and tip sheets, simply click on the link below the video to open them and click Print in your menu bar.
  • The recordings of your coaching sessions will be available to listen to below in the Your Coaching Materials section as they become available (within 24 hours)
  • For support, email us any time to

Your Coaching Schedule
(Please mark this info your calendar now)

  • Coaching begins each week at 4:30 pm PST/7:30 pm EST
  • We will meet in Zoom each week here
  • Your passcode is 484114

Here is your coaching schedule:

  • Coaching 1 of 6:  Tuesday, March 8th (recording below)
  • Coaching 2 of 6:  Tuesday, March 15th (recording below)
  • Coaching 3 of 6:  Tuesday, March 22nd (recording below)
  • Coaching 4 of 6:  Tuesday, March 29th (recording below)
  • Coaching 5 of 6:  Tuesday, April 5th (recording below)
  • Coaching 6 of 6:  Tuesday, April 12th (recording below)

Your Coaching Materials

Coaching 2 of 6

Tuesday, March 15th

How Did We Get Here? Identifying Triggers

Coaching 3 of 6

Tuesday, March 22nd
Identifying More Triggers & Introduction To Allies

Your Lesson Activities:

Coaching 4 of 6

Tuesday, March 29th

Coaching 6 of 6

Tuesday, April 12th