The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Live Coaching Program

A makeover for your kitchen, mindset and your life with Diabetes.



Transform Your Mindset about Food 

A Makeover for your Pantry, Fridge & Freezer

Create the perfect Diabetes-Friendly plate every time

Do You Feel...

Overwhelmed when you're shopping for groceries, preparing meals, dining out and ordering in

Frustrated and fed up because it seems that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you just aren’t getting the results you want

Anxious and nervous about how the complications of Diabetes can affect you if you can't get your sugars in the healthy range soon

Like giving up because you feel like you are hitting a brick wall over and over again no matter how hard your try

Like you are losing hope little by little because you are not getting the support and solutions you need and deserve

Fearful of a future dependent on medications

Lost, alone, unheard and you feel like you have no one to turn to who really gets you?

I Hear You and I Know EXACTLY What You're Going Through

I felt the same way when I was diagnosed with Diabetes over 28 years ago


Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Live Coaching Program

This visionary program is designed for health-seekers who want to know how to select and prepare foods based on their nutritional properties and how to pair and combine foods together to create a plate that balances your blood sugars while being incredibly delicious.  While you get a generous amount of recipes from my own personal collection, this program is about arming you with a new mindset and outlook on food so creating your own meals, snacks, beverages and desserts is a snap!





Like most people with Diabetes, you're seeking a trusted source for what to have and not have in your kitchen, your meals and your body because you know that consistently being in the healthy blood sugar range is critical when you have Diabetes.

You've likely spent hours online piecing together a solution, but then see information that makes you doubt it all and just end up abandoning all that work.  You're back at square one - confused, worried and deflated.

That all ends here and now!

As a person with Diabetes who has a career, a business, family, and plans for a whole lot of fun during your retirement, you don't have to any more time to waste.  Guesswork, skipping meals and serving yourself and your family the same bland meals isn't going to work.  Your health is much to precious to leave to the wind.

You want a pro to show you the ropes so you can continue on your way without anymore of your time spent worrying about your sugars.





  • How your mindset sets you up for success

  • The top trigger foods that skyrocket your sugar levels and keep you on the blood sugar roller coaster

  • The top Diabetes-Friendly foods that can help you lower and balance your blood sugar levels naturally and taste soooo good!

  • The Diabetes Success System New Plating Guidelines that work every time

  • The Power of the Glycemic Index for mixing and matching food choices


How you think about Diabetes that keeps you stuck, struggling, frustrated, and how it can accelerate new breakthroughs and results like never before.

The Top Trigger Foods and, how they lead to the progression of unwelcome Diabetes complications and how you can identify them to prevent and halt long term complications right now!

From grocery shopping to reading labels, and counting carbs, learn how to choose your new Top Allies and food swaps.  They can help repair your arterial health, heart health, circulation, vision, emotional highs and lows, and more.

Learn the new proven Diabetes Success System Plating method that will make your life so much easier and your blood sugars predictable.

Learn how you can put all of this new information and new practices together to create your own delicious healthy meals each day in a LIVE interactive kitchen demo. It’s time to party!

You will learn the proven system and core foundation, including the best choices, to makeover your new kitchen with the top wet and dry ingredients, spices and condiments.



Coaching Session 1

Flourishing With Diabetes: What's the common denominator of the world's top success stories? They are born from people who have a mindset that is open, flexible and determined like an ox! There's no use learning anything without having your mindset ready and open to receive new information and the energy to see it through!

Coaching Sessions 2 & 3

The Top Trigger Foods: The food choices you make every single day greatly influence your risk of developing Diabetes complications. Your meal planning and food consumption is of primary importance and these 10 top trigger foods that you will recognize will no longer have power over you. Not to worry! After this session, you can toss the guesswork and worry away!

Coaching Session 4

Glycemic Index for Diabetes: How to combine low GI foods and how they can help you gain tighter control over your blood sugar. Paying attention to the GI of foods can be another tool to help manage Diabetes. You’re going to get my trusty version that has helped me and thousands of my students and clients to achieve balanced blood sugars. I want to help you achieve your Diabetes wellness goals with ease!

Coaching Sessions 5 & 6

The Top Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Allies: It's important for all of us to eat a diet that supports and controls blood sugar, whether we have Diabetes or not. All you need to remember is one simple formula to ensure that every meal fills you up and keeps levels stable: Protein + carbs + healthy fats, and maybe even a few surprises. You’ll get exactly what you need in this session!


Coaching Sessions 7 & 8

Top Essentials You Can’t Live Without: These items make all the difference for your blood sugars but they certainly don’t compromise on taste! This is the secret to how you can still indulge in the foods you love without worrying about how they’ll affect your blood sugars.

Coaching Session 9

How to Create the Perfect Plate and Macronutrient Basics: Leading authorities and professional organisations have concluded that proper nutrition therapy is an important part of the foundation for the treatment of Diabetes. Macronutrients are essential nutrients the body needs in large quantities to remain healthy. They provide your body with energy and allow the body to function correctly. When you have Diabetes, the traditional nutrition information does not apply the same way, so come learn the secrets that no one tells you about and you will start to see the difference in your first meal 

Coaching Session 10

Putting it all together - Menu planning and Dinner Party

Coaching Session 11

Live Q&A - Let's hear from you and what you're wondering about.  You can ask me anything that's been on your mind during your time with me in this program.

Coaching Session 12

Kitchen Demo - I'll show you how I meal prep using the information, foods and ingredients you'll have learned in this program direct from my Diabetes-friendly kitchen.


About Dr. Cheryl

Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH
Dr. Holistic Studies, Dr. Acupuncture
Diabetes Wellness Strategist & Coach
Creator & CEO of Holistic Diabetes Solutions
7X International Best-Selling Author


Having watched my grandma struggle for over 45 years with high, very high and sometimes low blood sugar levels, and caring for her all those years, I witnessed first-hand how Diabetes sucks the quality of life out of a person. 

I, too, was diagnosed with Diabetes (and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) over 28 years ago.  It was shocking to me that I was given the same conventional advice my grandma had been given decades earlier from her own doctors. My mission became very clear to me at that moment. I was determined to find all the ways to live my highest quality of life and become even more empowered through holistic self-care practices!

Now, I inspire, empower and educate women and men by sharing my insider secrets and best self-care practices in my life-changing training programs.  

My life is full of blessings.  I’ve co-authored books with some of the Top Thought Leaders in the World including Jack Canfield (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Les Brown, (World’s # 1 Motivational Speaker), Dr. John Gray (Men are Mars, Women are from Venus), Brian Tracey (Top 10 Business Guru) to name a few.  

You can absolutely count on my help to thrive in your life, too.

Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen Kickstart Live Coaching Program

You can finally give up the guesswork, worry and stress as you get back in the driver's seat of your health!