Cheryl Ivaniski, 5 X Bestselling Author, 2 X Global Award Winning Author, And Recipient Of The Prestigious Quilly Award

#1 International Bestseller

The Handbook to™ Holistic Health – H3, features 21 Award Winning Authors from various Health and Wellness backgrounds. They have one message to share with you, that there’s an alternative, natural, holistic solution for your health issues. All are against taking routine prescription medication, not only for the obvious ‘side-effects’, but also for the potential significant financial burden for your family.

Global Award Winner

Cheryl won the Global Author’s Award for her book, Having a Life of More in London, England, November, 2018. If you are seeking more simplicity, clarity and enjoyment to life, Having a Life of More is a must read! Learn the secrets to living a long and healthy life through gratitude, simplicity, and a deep mind-body-spirit connection.

Amazon bestseller book “Success Starts Today”

Bestselling & Quilly Award Winning Book

Would you like to succeed? Most people do. And there are no boundaries for choosing goals. Our goals may include our desire to succeed in business, academia, societal or personal accomplishment, humanitarian improvement or any other field we select. The Celebrity Experts® who have made their journeys to success in this book share with you the importance of getting started and the potholes to avoid.  This is why the title of this book, Success Starts Today, is reflected so appropriately in the famous words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Award Winning Book

Cheryl Ivaniski understands stress because she almost died from it. Now she is on her journey to help you live the enriched quality of life you deserve. She lives with healthy lifestyle principles and wants to share them with you so you can live your healthier, fuller, longer life. Stress robs your body of its ability to heal and this opens doors for sickness and disease.Now is the time for you to take action before it is too late! Learn and use the simple to implement strategies that

Bestselling & Quilly Award Winning Book

Have you ever wondered, “What is the secret to achieve massive wealth?” Have you thought about how much money you would need to become financially free and how to get it? Is it possible for anyone to have all the love, money, time, peace and happiness they want at the same time?

Brian Tracy, Cheryl Ivaniski, and the selected co-authors in this book have put together a proven path to becoming wealthy. In each chapter, you’ll find at least one idea that will take your life to the next level.

#1 International Bestseller

Empowering Women to Succeed IV – Leap will tell their stories of struggle, awakening and making that leap towards empowerment. Through a compilation of life-altering narratives, you will feel their fear, pain and anguish, and you will hear of how they persevered. By sharing with us challenges in their lives, you may see yourself. We hope any reflection will be met with a positive and empowering illumination or revelation by way of our authors.