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Dr. Cheryl's 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan

Decadent Diabetes-Friendly Entrees, Snacks and Desserts Direct from Dr. Cheryl's Highly Sought-After, Personal Recipe Collection


Dr. Cheryl's 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan

Decadent Diabetes-Friendly Entrees, Snacks and Desserts from Dr. Cheryl's Highly Sought-After Personal Recipe Collection PLUS BONUS: Top 6 Sinful Snacks! 


Decadent, Diabetes-Friendly Entrees, Snacks & Desserts from Dr. Cheryl's Highly Sought-After Personal Recipe Collection

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Dr. Cheryl's 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan Is PERFECT For You If You Are...

  • A busy high-achiever with much on your plate and want recipes proven to balance your blood sugars 
  • Caring for a loved one with Diabetes and want to prepare a variety of meals that will spice up their life with flavour and fun and help them break the cycle of the same old predictable foods
  • Newly diagnosed with Diabetes and want to know right up front as you start your Diabetes journey, what to eat that can keep your blood sugar levels in the healthy zone
  • Very serious about preventing your Pre-Diabetes from becoming full-blown Type 2 Diabetes and you know that guesswork is not the answer
  • Ready to shake up your boring typical meals and explore new flavours that make your taste buds dance
  • Eager to enjoy being in your kitchen again
  • Longing to eat without feeling deprived or restricted 
  • Excited to learn more about how Diabetes-friendly foods are helping women and men balance their blood sugars while reducing and even eliminating prescription drugs for some, and you want to experience the same for yourself

The Benefits Of Meal Planning for Diabetes

Meal planning for Diabetes means setting yourself and your kitchen up for success. That means clearing out the blood sugar food triggers that spike your sugars and swapping in the Diabetes-friendly allies in your pantry, fridge and freezer  making this your trusted Diabetes-friendly zone.  This way, wherever you look in your kitchen, you are set up for ultimate blood sugar success with foods and ingredients that:

  • lower and balance your blood sugar levels
  • help control your weight
  • lower blood pressure
  • up level of good HDL cholesterol
  • help you reduce the risk of Diabetes complications

And, by knowing exactly what to buy and how much, you will  experience more predictable and consistent blood sugars, have more ease, less stress, save money and reduce food waste significantly!

By having Dr. Cheryl's 7 Day Diabetes Friendly Meal Plan, you will gain confidence, have more fun and you won't be scrambling when you're hungry and grabbing foods that spike your blood sugars.  You'll be reaching for ingredients and preparing meals without the guesswork, anxiety, or frustration.

Each recipe has been tried and tested in Dr. Cheryl's own kitchen for decades and is how she continues to achieve ideal A1C’s like clockwork over 95% of the time, and now you can, too!

What's Included In Your 7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan Package


An INCREDIBLE assortment of DECADENT Diabetes-friendly recipes that cover your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner each day for a week (and then some)!  It's sure to restore your confidence in your kitchen and the joy back to your life! PLUS! You get the nutrition values for each meal and Dr. Cheryl's tips throughout your cookbook.


We take the guesswork out of your grocery shopping day(s)!  You get detailed lists with exactly what to buy to fill your kitchen pantry, fridge and freezer with the ingredients you need to make the mouth-watering meals in your meal plan with ease


Each snack will satisfy your sweet and savory cravings proving again that having Diabetes does not mean you have to give up the foods and flavours you love!

This is a huge, huge blessing!

"Dr. Cheryl has helped me really pay attention to the foods I'm eating and how they affect my blood glucose levels.  Thank you!" 


Did you know that having even slightly higher than normal blood sugar levels over time causes chronic complications in your body?  It's a FACT! Start getting your levels balanced now so you can avoid all the consequences before it's too late.


Meet Dr. Cheryl

Dr. Ac., C.H., RDH
Dr. Holistic Studies, Dr. Acupuncture
Diabetes Wellness Strategist & Coach
Creator & CEO of Holistic Diabetes Solutions
7X International Best-Selling Author

During the prime of her life, Dr. Cheryl suddenly and unexpectedly fell into a comatose state.  Upon awakening from her coma, she was told she had not one, but two life-threatening diseases; Diabetes and Hashimoto's Disease. It was when she was given the exact same medical recommendations and prognosis that her grandmother was given 40 years prior for her Diabetes, that her new journey began.  Dr. Cheryl made the decision right then and there to take her Diabetes matters and future into her own hands. 

Nearly three decades later, Dr. Cheryl has helped thousands of busy, high-achieving women and men with her expertise and her safe, proven Holistic Approach to Diabetes Wellness. Dr. Cheryl combines the best of traditional and natural practices, winning mindset strategies, and the best holistic self-care practices available today!

Her 4-Step Proprietary Process is called the Diabetes Success System and is transforming how people live life with confidence, peace of mind, and with consistent and predictable stabilized blood sugars like clockwork. Dr. Cheryl teaches you how to live the Diabetes-Free Lifestyle empowering you every step of the way! 

She continues her mission of inspiring, empowering and educating millions of people around the world to live healthier lives using her methods and first class education.

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What is a Dr. Cheryl-Approved Meal Exactly?

  • Meals are categorized into food groups and carbohydrate groups giving you the freedom to create hundreds of meals with guidelines for portion sizes

  • Allows you to choose when you want to eat and when you may want to skip or even fast during your day

  • They are easy to prepare and wickedly tasty

  • The simplicity and ease of Dr. Cheryl’s recipes help you to eliminate  frustration in  your kitchen and when dining out

  • Designed by a Doctor, Holistic Medicine and a woman who has been living and thriving despite having Diabetes for over 27 years who knows EXACTLY what you’re going through and how to help you get exactly where you want to be with your health

A Sneak Peek Inside Dr. Cheryl's Decadent Meal Plan

The awareness that you bring is nothing short of amazing!

"I have several members in my family who are Diabetic and I find it much easier to support them and engage in a conversation that’s empowering to them. I have referred many of my friends, family and colleagues to you and they all say the same thing. Blessings for all that you do, Cheryl, and thank you so very much for putting the ease into Diabetes for me!”


Dr. Cheryl's 7-Day Meal Plan gives you exactly what to eat, simplifes shopping and gets you on your way to healthy blood sugar levels and your best A1Cs yet!